Our display experts can help you succeed by matching the best Google solutions to your business:

  • Google Display Network: A transparent, auction-based, RTB solution with more than 1,600 audience categories—a full-service partner for you or your agencies
  • Invite Media: Enables you to efficiently drive your own media buying, acquiring display media across every major source of real-time bid inventory from a single interface
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange: Provides ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create or sell online advertising. The world's top marketers, publishers, ad networks and agencies use DoubleClick products as the foundation for their online advertising businesses. With deep expertise in ad serving, media planning, search management, rich media, video and mobile, our DoubleClick products help customers execute their digital media strategies more effectively.


  • Audience classification by more than 1,600 interest categories and demographics
  • Remarketing with extensive flexibility for custom combinations
  • Dynamic creatives to tailor your ads
  • Optimizations that fuse audience and context
  • Real-time bidding
  • Enables the use of proprietary data and bidding algorithms
  • A vast, liquid pool of high-quality ad inventory with cross-exchange access at a global scale
  • Direct access to auction pricing
  • Control over bids, transparency into pricing
  • Choice of where ads run, visibility into where ads deliver
  • Protects the brands of buyers and sellers via extensive quality controls

As online advertising continues its phenomenal growth, audience buying is becoming more and more sophisticated. You expect to be able to connect with potential customers at any point along the awareness-interest-intent-purchase "funnel"—displaying the right ad to motivate your ideal customer and reach your marketing goals. Google gets you there.

With Google Display Network, Invite Media, DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Advertisers, you can find your audiences with custom creative tailoring of ads and a variety of intelligent targeting tools.

  • Google Display Network: For virtually any advertiser, large or small, that wants to manage its display advertising using self-service tools backed by a full-service team.
  • Invite Media: An enterprise platform for building and managing real-time buys using your own approach.
  • DoubleClick: A platform for publishers, advertisers and networks that provides ad management and ad serving solutions.

Reach the right customers with ads that resonate with their preferences. With remarketing, for instance, you can anonymously identify people who have visited your site, then display ads specifically to those people across millions of other websites. Remarketed customers are 70 percent more likely to complete a purchase as compared to nonremarketed consumers. One Google remarketing client, the fashion retailer Boden, remarketed with Google Display Network to cost-effectively achieve a 2.25-times increase in conversions.

Trying to reach distinct audience segments? We offer you unprecedented reach in real time. Our buying platforms enable you to reach valuable audiences—at a scale of billions of daily page views. You gain precise campaign targeting with virtually no limit on audience size. Real-time bidding clients report better conversion rates, higher click-to-conversion rates, lowered costs per lead and improved ROI.

Ultimately, our highly targeted audience-buying options are about making ads—and the whole online experience—better for you and better for the consumer. We help create advertising that is powerful, relevant and useful to your target audiences. The high level of personalization enabled through our different services drives better value to the consumer—providing relevance that resonates and drives sales.


You have access to a vast, global pool of inventory to reach your audiences with the frequency you want across more than 2 million sites. Google reaches 92 percent of U.S. Internet users,1 serving more than 300 billion impressions to more than 500 million users each month in 100 different countries and 20 languages. This massive inventory pool is accessible across DoubleClick Ad Exchange and the Google Display Network, and to Invite Media clients.

You can reach users on more than 2 million websites worldwide, classified by demographics and 1,600-plus interest categories. You can reach an audience with specificity or more broadly through such high-level categories as auto and sports. These interests are based on a rich classification system that looks at long-term browsing history (the last 30 days), most recent browsing history (the last seven days) and most recent browser session, including the page they are currently viewing, then blends this with page context for rich insights that include depth of activity, freshness and frequency.


Intense buy-side targeting translates to a growing monetization opportunity for publishers. Eighty-five percent of media buyers already use audience targeting, and the majority of them—58 percent—say they would increase that spending if better targeting were available. Additionally, 44 percent of publishers believe that audience targeting will be the leading driver for their direct sales operation through packaging inventory and extending audiences off-site.2

DoubleClick's Ad Exchange gives you a safe way to manage inventory buying and capture strong returns. Its real-time marketplace helps ad networks, agencies and third-party technology providers optimize their buying relationships with publishers. In fact, according to Google internal research, the Ad Exchange delivers almost three times the revenue when compared to upfront sales of nonguaranteed ad space to networks and other third-party buyers.

With DoubleClick Ad Exchange, publishers can ensure advertisers that their display ads are in brand-safe environments and give them complete control over where their ads are seen. The user experience is protected. When information is passed to advertisers in each callout, Ad Exchange publishers can block information to prevent it being shared while maintaining anonymity. As with all our publisher solutions, Ad Exchange automatically scans ads for malware, spyware and other malicious code. Finally, you get the ability to conduct direct post-review for the majority of the creatives.

Source: 1ComScore Media Metrix Report, October 2011. 2eMarketer, AudienceScience and Digiday, "Audience Targeting State of the Industry Survey," provided to eMarketer, Dec. 21, 2010.