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A new company, born of the digital era, Tremor Video is a pure-play video ad platform that can:

  • Deliver engagement at scale with the efficiency of cost-per-engagement pricing
  • Drive brand metrics for tangible mid funnel results
  • Show you how you stack up to the competition and use video ads to steal share
  • Report Nielsen GRPs in real time along with brand metrics
  • Make it all easy for marketers


  • Big reach potential: 65 percent to 70 percent of U.S. online video viewers in average month
  • Organizing more than 1 billion safe video streams a month, ready and waiting for
    brand ads
  • More than 50 exclusive publishers with dominance in TV and media brand destinations


All forms of video. Award-winning creative services included.


Our technology matches the right ad to the right video at the right time for superior brand results. All common digital targeting.

Our mission is to bring the certainty of science to the art of brand marketing.

The light in the middle of the funnel

Everyone loves video. That's why there's no better time than now to be in marketing. Tremor Video operates in this exciting, ever-changing video space—building brands through the power of sight, sound and motion. We can help brand marketers make more informed decisions that increase the effectiveness of your video ad campaigns, reduce waste and drive the brand metrics that matter most to your business. We build on your awareness and then raise your game to relevance and engagement. So, at the end of the day, you are better equipped to win the battle for market share in a video-everywhere world. Built for brands, Tremor Video is devoted to transparency, so you can see your campaigns working and bring those tangible results to the boardroom.

Engaging your prospects

Tremor Video delivers proven ad engagement at scale across every screen. Our continuously learning algorithm matches the right ad to the right video at the right time for superior brand results every time. With one of the largest footprints in the space, we connect brand advertisers with more people who care about their message or product in relevant, brand-safe environments. Tremor Video was the first in the industry to offer cost-per-engagement, or CPE, units in pre-roll within video streams. We continue to push the boundaries of ad formats by introducing new engagement triggers and all-screen innovations to enhance the viewer experience and boost ad performance.

Know it all, know it now

Another marketing game changer from Tremor Video, the VideoHub platform delivers total transparency into an advertiser's video campaign performance. VideoHub allows advertisers and their agencies to see what others simply can't. We go beyond clicks and completions to reveal accountable and measurable brand health metrics. With every campaign buy from Tremor Video, brand advertisers access an uncensored view of what's working to drive success.



A good-for-you cereal brand at a major consumer products company

The challenge:

Leverage the power of video and world-class technology to measure and move significant brand lift among parents who make cereal decisions for their children.


Tremor Video employed its proprietary in-stream Brand Lift Optimizer across millions of safe, categorized video streams in real time to serve the client's 30-second preroll video ad.

  • VideoHub server rapidly profiles viewers considering buying the brand.
  • Cereal campaign is delivered en masse to likely prospects.
  • Client, agency and Tremor Video account managers watch the campaign work every day with a VideoHub log-in and see brand lift rise among exposed viewers.

Crunch on this: Brand lift and surprise insights in every box
  • 5.2 percent brand lift over four weeks
  • 260,000 minds shifted
  • What mattered most for this campaign
    • Reaching light video consumers
    • Frequency of 1 was ideal; 5-plus had negative impact
    • Publishers offering an array of video, gaming sites, news outlets and mom e-hangouts