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Michael Rosen
VP-National Online and Mobile Sales

Chris Monteferrante
VP-National TV Sales


We use aggregate data from more than 150 million customer relationships across platforms—including 100 million mobile subscribers, 10 million advanced set-top boxes and 50 million online users—to help inform audience targeting.


  • Audience segments
  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Behavioral
  • Contextual
  • Search/keyword
  • Site retargeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • Dayparting
  • Carrier
  • Handset/model
  • Network bundles



  • Display
  • Rich media
  • In-stream and in-banner video


  • Mobile display and in-app
  • Video
  • StoreFinder (mobile GPS-enabled ad unit)
  • Rich media


  • 15- and 30-second TV spots
  • Interactive TV
  • Branded interactive channels
  • Enhanced overlays
  • Sponsored applications

AT&T AdWorks connects advertisers with their audiences across online, mobile and TV channels. Our proprietary, aggregate data and insights help advertisers effectively tap into billions of available ad impressions across screens—all while respecting consumer privacy. We effectively utilize our proprietary, three-screen data, including learning from millions of subscriber connections, to anonymously target the best audiences.

Q&A with Joshua Koran, VP-digital product management, research and data, AT&T AdWorks

What should be the key considerations for advertisers planning media today?
Consumers are increasingly consuming content and information across their computers, mobile devices and televisions—often simultaneously. In addition to working with domain experts, we believe marketers should work with media partners that provide three-screen ad delivery and reporting.

What's different about the AT&T AdWorks approach? AT&T AdWorks believes that marketers need a consistent definition of audiences across the various screens. We've been investing in our technology platform to unify audience definitions across mobile, online and TV so that they can both target and report on consistent definitions.

What type of advertisers have been seeing success using AT&T AdWorks? A diverse set of Fortune 500 clients has achieved their marketing and business objectives by using our innovative ad products. We have delivered successful results to both considered purchase (e.g., auto and travel) as well as impulse categories (e.g., flowers and fast food).



A travel company wanted to drive 40 monthly conversions of vacation packages. The brand used AT&T AdWorks Online Audience Network to target in-market travel intenders and vacation travelers in specific geographic markets. The campaign featured 12 ads with different creative and varying sizes for increased impact. It was optimized daily to obtain optimal conversion rates and a low cost per conversion. The campaign achieved a high click-through-to-conversion rate of 1.26 percent and exceeded its monthly conversion goal for the duration of the campaign. Campaign optimization has shown steady growth of conversions month over month, reaching 223 percent above goal.


Levi's wanted to build brand awareness and drive in-store traffic. In partnership with OMD Worldwide, AT&T AdWorks launched a targeted mobile ad campaign that featured a content-rich HTML5 ad unit enabled with Store Finder, AT&T AdWorks' opt-in GPS location function. Results drove a staggering average daily content engagement of 56 percent and an impressive 10.3 percent average CTR to the StoreFinder feature. The results showcase the power of matching superior audience targeting with breakthrough creative.

"Levi's was excited to work with AT&T AdWorks on the Levi's Curve ID advertising campaign," said Ibby Clifford, senior manager of public relations at Levi's. "Through the AT&T AdWorks Mobile Audience Network, Levi's was able to reach our desired target audience across a custom beauty, fashion and retail audience channel."

Case study results are based on individual campaign factors. AT&T makes no performance warranties.