• Better ROI on your ad spending
  • Meaningful scale
  • Full-funnel delivery resulting in more customers and more conversions

  • IAB standard units


  • Get accurate and reliable audience insights and packaging capability.
  • Bring value to nonendemic advertisers and capture new budgets.
  • Offer greater scale to advertisers.
  • Increase yield and maximize sales.

Display advertising is slated to surpass search by 2015;1 and, as budgets shift to display, audience buying at scale is evolving quickly. That growth and change presents huge opportunities in display for advertisers to better reach their customers, for publishers to better sell and monetize their inventory, and for consumers to receive content and offers that are timely, interesting and relevant to their lives.

As an advertiser, how do you tap into the technology that helps you access audiences across the entire Web and consistently find those that match to your distinct audience?

As a publisher, how do you demonstrate the reach of your valuable inventory and combine audience with premium content to match those people an advertiser is looking to reach?

Quantcast's audience buying and selling solutions enable just that.

As an audience measurement and targeting company, we use our powerful, real-time technology—the same that powers Quantcast Measurement—to accurately find consumers who match an advertiser's best customer model across the Web and deliver advertising that's relevant and timely.

Quantcast brings the advantages of programmatic buying to all advertisers and publishers.

1Source: eMarketer, June 2011.


Quantcast for Advertisers—Performance Targeting

Quantcast integrates its massive data set with real-time targeting to find you millions of new customers.

Called Quantcast Performance Lookalikes, we build custom models based on your best customers and pattern match them across the Web to find millions more just like them. These models are designed to consistently reach relevant, in-market consumers and meet your performance goals at meaningful scale.

Full-funnel execution

Quantcast targeting takes a full-funnel approach to deliver better performance. Visibility into the entire Web allows us to find consumers at different levels of the funnel, so you can target brand-new customers and move them right through to purchase. For Quantcast Performance Lookalikes, we use real-time bidding to buy the right impressions at scale across the full funnel.

Integrated system, better performance

Real-time advertising starts with real-time data integration. When real-time data is organically connected with modeling and RTB execution in a tightly integrated system, better targeting results are achieved. Display campaigns using a single, integrated system yield anywhere from two- to five-times better performance than campaigns that mix and match data sources with algorithms and RTB execution.


Quantcast for Publishers—Measure, Package and Sell Your Audience

Quantcast is committed to developing the best tools to accurately measure your audience and empower you to gain control in the new world of audience targeting.

Quantcast Measurement is free and lets you directly measure and understand your audience across geography, demographics, interests/affinities, mobile Web consumption and more. With this granular and reliable understanding, publishers can better monetize site audiences and package inventory according to advertiser demand.

Quantcast targeting for publishers

Brand advertisers value premium content as a way to reach their specific audience in the right environment. Quantcast validates this approach with a targeting solution for publishers, called Quantcast Brand Lookalikes.

Bring greater scale to advertisers while retaining control and transparency.

Quantcast's technology enables publishers to match their inventory against the exact audiences brand advertisers are looking to reach with near-real-time advertising decisions made at the impression level. When premium content combines with accurate audience targeting, brand advertisers win and so do you. Increase yield and maximize sales with targeting solutions that deliver.

Audience protection

We understand that your audience is proprietary, and our practices protect data from improper or unauthorized use. You control the extent to which your measurement data is available to third parties, and we don't allow anyone to target your audience, repackage your audience or identify any individual's use of your site's services.