Advertising Age's 2013 Guide to Audience Buying

As marketers today continue to work to connect their brands with consumers, finding the right audience is paramount. The ever-changing digital world makes reaching a brand's specific audience both possible yet more difficult, as marketers face a rapidly growing number of venues and tools to choose from.

Ad Age's Audience Buying Guide can help. In the following pages, we give each advertiser an opportunity to talk about its products and services to help make it easier for marketers to choose the best partner for them in creating and maintaining key consumer relationships. This year's Buying Guide offers a look at Ad Networks, Platforms and Solution Providers, each with answers for how to reach the expanding marketplace. To assist you further, profiles include an at-a-glance summary of each company, its capabilities and how it can help you reach and measure the precise audiences you want. Updated profiles will be available online throughout the year.