VP-Sales and Business Development


  • 30 billion impressions/month
  • 101 million households
  • 152 million devices
  • 6 data partners
  • More than 5,000 available segments
  • Platforms: Mobile Web, mobile app, online Web

4INFO is a leading mobile technology company enabling brand advertisers to unlock the power of mobile to achieve ROI that matters most—sales lift at the cash register. 4INFO's proprietary, patent-pending mobile technology has tied 152 million mobile devices to 101 million U.S. households.

4INFO's flagship product, AdHaven Bullseye, enables advertisers to target consumers on their mobile devices with the same precision as online and direct mail advertising. AdHaven Bullseye facilitates
1-to-1 consumer targeting by anonymously matching mobile device data to household-level purchase data, providing the ability to measure actual sales results from mobile ad spending.

Many advertisers are unaware that it is possible to measure the sales lift generated by a mobile advertising campaign. With AdHaven Bullseye and the brand's sales data, such measurement is possible.

Launched in March 2013, 4INFO's AdHaven Bullseye has already powered mobile ad campaigns for more than 75 national brands with impressive accuracy and results: sales increases between 5% and 20%, return on ad spending (ROAS) averaging 382% and as high as 600%, and market share increases at the expense of competitors.1

4INFO collaborates with the most trusted third-party data providers of purchase and lifestyle data, including Acxiom, Nielsen and Nielsen Catalina Solutions. This makes it possible to target advertising based on the highest quality and most comprehensive data available.

1Internal 4INFO case study data.



Our most sophisticated mobile advertising solution, using actual household purchase data to provide true precision targeting and measurement. Target advertising based on clients' CRM data or trusted third-party data segments.


Count on Bullseye for precise purchase-based targeting, but take it a step further to pinpoint consumers at the exact location where purchase decisions are made. Reach consumers in or near clients' or competitors' stores. Adding geo-fencing to Bullseye precision targeting provides a whole new level of measurable accuracy.


Mobile advertising based on location parameters, from basic geotargeting by DMA or ZIP+4 to advanced geofencing at a designated radius.