AT&T AdWorks


VP-Media Sales


Objective: AT&T AdWorks partnered with a financial advertiser looking for greater efficiency, targeting and reach.

Solution: AdWorks identified a target audience (W 35-64 with $100,000-plus investible assets) and created a TV Blueprint schedule to run alongside the advertiser's traditional media schedule.

Results: Compared to the traditional media schedule, TV Blueprint delivered:2

  • 22% lift in target impressions;
  • 55% greater target reach;
  • 43% more efficient targeted CPM.

AT&T AdWorks provides advanced TV audience targeting powered by AT&T U-verse, a 100% IPTV platform.

AT&T AdWorks TV Blueprint is an audience-targeting solution that utilizes proprietary aggregate viewership data from 14.6 million set-top boxes and a proprietary predictive modeling algorithm to deliver a data-optimized media plan. This solution allows brands to connect with their best potential customers by utilizing exclusive data and technology at scale. AdWorks goes beyond age and gender to help create a media plan consisting of the best networks, days and dayparts to reach a brand's target audience with an extended distribution network of up to 55 million households in all 50 states.1

Advertisers can target their audience three ways:

  • Contextual targeting to reach viewers of one show/network in the other shows/networks the viewer watches, based on viewing habits from U-verse set-top box data;
  • Advanced demographic targeting to match advertiser-defined demo/behavioral characteristics to U-verse households and create a targeted media plan based on demo's actual viewing habits;
  • Custom list match targeting to anonymously match the advertiser database with the U-verse subscriber database.



  • Linear advertising spots can be purchased across 109 networks and traditional dayparts with guaranteed delivery.
  • Identify and buy on the networks that appeal to your target audience through one of eight prepackaged network bundles.


  • Target and reach audiences beyond age and gender.
  • Advanced reporting provides advertisers with viewership insights into their target audience by geo, day, daypart and network.
  • National scale and distribution reaches more than 55 million homes.
  • Provides turn-key execution in a single buy.


  • Create a dynamic two-way conversation with consumers through AT&T AdWorks iTV products, including ded- icated branded iChannels, in-commercial overlays, sponsored TV applications and T-Commerce opportunities.


  • Extend brand reach in top-tier programming to viewers accessing content in a multiscreen world on, the U-verse app and through network companion apps with AT&T AdWorks U-verse Anywhere.
  • Complement the iChannel experience with branding across connected devices with the Second Screen Companion app.

Source: 1Based on number of national U-verse subscriber households and set-top boxes—Q4, 2013. AT&T AdWorks currently in negotiations with distribution partners for extended inventory. 2April 2013. Case study results are based on individual campaign factors. AT&T makes no performance warranties.