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What We Do
Neustar is the first real-time, cloud-based information services and analytics provider enabling clients to effectively promote their businesses.

What Makes Us Different

Authoritative, complete data sets and verified data sets.

Continuous Real-time Information

Verified customer and prospect information when it matters.

Privacy by Design

Privacy is at the core of everything that is built.


Omnicom, 24/7 Real Media, Lenovo, BBC, Ticketmaster and Forbes

Neustar solves the challenge of managing a fragmented marketing media landscape by delivering a suite of marketing work-flow solutions that drive results across the customer life cycle, allowing brands to acquire and retain customers more effectively. This is all done through its unique, authoritative data sets, which are updated continuously to enable real-time online and offline decisions.

Neustar's cloud-based marketing analytics solution provides predictive insights by utilizing a proprietary database of the most accurate, authoritative and verified consumer information available. The solution links key identifiers with thousands of offline attributes and media-buying habits at the household level, helping clients reach the audiences most predisposed to purchase their brand, product or service with maximum reach and predictive continuity.

Neustar's analytical framework also enables marketers to take their own CRM data and gain powerful insights about their best customers—from demographics and psychographics to understanding life stages, media consumption habits and shopping propensities. Neustar provides a single view of the customer to deliver consistent, compelling and relevant experiences across all channels, inbound and outbound, online and offline, in real time, one customer interaction at a time.



The centralized real-time marketing platform that allows marketers to manage and optimize campaigns, customers and prospects based on media and customer intelligence.


  • Audience targeting solutions target key segments based on verified offline behavior, allow finely-tuned messaging based on customers with the highest propensity to convert and create custom audiences to target highest-indexing customers or audiences.
  • CRM targeting leverages offline customer information for precise messaging online, synchronizes audience segments to media buying platforms for increased reach and ensures volume and scale with enhanced customer intelligence via offline/online match rates.
  • Site engagement allows real-time customization of website messaging and segmentation of website visitors to determine targeting strategies.


  • Identify: Know who is at the other end of an inbound request—across all channels.
  • Verify: Ensure accurate, up-to-date information for compliance.
  • Segment: Know the highest-performing customers, regions and behaviors.


  • AK Media Insights: Effectively allocate online media dollars to increase reach and drive new sales.
  • CRM Targeting: Connect customer touch points to understand online influence on offline sales.