Chief Revenue Officer

It all starts with a share. Every day, millions of consumers use ShareThis to share content across more than 120 social channels—such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit—giving ShareThis unique Webwide visibility into what consumers share and care about the most. These actionable brand insights enable marketers to activate their audiences in real time with ShareThis Media across mobile and desktop environments. No matter where consumers are engaging with a brand, category or event related to a business, ShareThis can increase the relevance, engagement and reach of marketing efforts.

ShareThis makes social data actionable for marketers by coupling vast social intelligence with ShareThis' data processing engine. The engine applies proprietary first-party data from more than 1 billion monthly social signals supplemented with third-party data sources to deliver breakthrough advertising and audience-building solutions. This is why Fortune 500 companies rely on ShareThis to activate their brands on a daily basis. The results speak for themselves: ShareThis regularly outperforms industry CTR and engagement rates. For example, campaigns for major automotive and financial services brands have seen double the industry CTR. In addition, a major mobile device manufacturer saw a 25% increase in brand lift.

The stakes for marketers to deliver positive results in an increasingly complex digital advertising environment continue to increase. Sharing intelligence helps marketers shape their strategies by identifying trends and influence. ShareThis helps brands and publishers participate in the social conversation, reach people at scale and measure effectiveness across all social channels and environments.