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Lauren Goldstein
Vice President Strategy and Partnerships
711 SW Alder Street Ste. 200
Portland, OR 97205
E: [email protected]
P: 503.382.8613
C: 503.381.4022

Justin Hall
Vice President
11 Argyll Street
London W1f 7TH
E: [email protected]
C: +44 751 030 4721

Babcock & Jenkins

We believe business is a force for good. It's the way to make progress. Realize vision. Build community. And drive a healthy economy. Any business is, in itself, a microcosm of passion, worry, victory, headache. It's human truths that inspire our approach to marketing business to buyers. We live in a new normal where traditional brand comes in second to conditional trust. We're here to help you find, craft and share your story—from brand to demand, to advocacy to your bottom line.

Inspired by the virtues of mastery, creativity and innovation, Babcock & Jenkins is a tribe of creative thinkers with business savvy.
With agency headquarters in Portland and London, we connect global buyers to businesses — artfully and quantifiably building brand, driving demand, and accelerating revenue streams and business growth. We are invigorated by our clients' challenge of taking control of the complex, multi-stakeholder B2B buying process. And we revel in our ability to turn our clients into luminaries by delivering buyer-centric marketing ideas that stand as heralded examples of best practice within the B2B industry. Yet modern marketing is not just best practice; it's next practice. It's innovation — rather than just doing more with less. It's thinking mobile first, not just mobile friendly. It's where ideas live across conjoined experiences and channels. For us, it's Passionate Problem-Solving.

success stories

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Their Challenge

With Xerox's transition from a product-led to a services-led company, timing was perfect to change how they go to market—from messaging to the way they speak with customers. And as their sales team adopted the Challenger Sales Model, they needed to condition the market and support their teams through the complete sales cycle.

Our Approach

We dubbed the marketing platform that emerged from this fresh approach, "Get Optimistic." The Get Optimistic campaign focuses on positive outcomes in an overwhelmingly negative business environment. Companies can succeed, and Xerox wants to be the partner to help them. The multi-channel campaign includes industry-specific iterations of dimensional direct mail including a Bonsai tree and Chief Optimist magazine, targeted email, live events and social media, and content microsites containing infographics and interactive tools.

The Results