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Davis Harrison Dion creates business-to-business advertising that strikes a chord with its audiences. We take pride in providing a more personal level of creative, media, account and production services that many agencies simply don't.

Three Takeaways

  1. We immerse ourselves in your business and give you honest, straight answers.
  2. We get the strategy right…and then flex our strength in creative and media planning.
  3. Results are what we do best. Leads, calls, brand preference, sales.


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David Harrison Dion

We believe every marketer could use a shot of Adrenaline.

The kind that gets people excited after they see great advertising.

The Agency That Brings Adrenaline To Your Brand.

Heads start nodding. People start acting. Phones start ringing.

At Davis Harrison Dion, we create business-to-business advertising that generates leads, and gets people interested in your brand.

So what's our secret?

It starts with our unique discovery approach. We call it BrandStormingTM. Our team meets with yours for an honest discussion about your brand.

Ideas are exchanged. Fast-paced exercises uncover truths. And an effective marketing strategy takes shape.

Everyone is looking for an edge.

We bring it to the forefront in a bulletproof, defendable position.


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Problem We Solved

While Willis Tower attracts over a million visitors every year, its main business is the business of corporate real estate. With premier office space available in Chicago's Loop, building management sought to develop a clear identity that established the evolution from the Sears Tower to the Willis Tower.

What We Did

A completely reimagined website that softens the image of this iconic, monolithic building and portrays it as a bustling community filled with thriving businesses. We further enhanced the website experience and humanized the building by including tenant videos which brought to life the stories of existing tenants and reinforced the position "110 Floors. Countless Stories".

Why it Works

The new website received over 600,000 visits within the first year of launch. Furthermore, an interactive tower graphic DHD's digital team created gave potential tenants an interactive portal to view available office space, which ultimately proved to be an effective selling tool for building management.