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EMA is a digitally powered, fully integrated marketing services agency with best-in-class capabilities in B2B marketing communications. Our deep audience knowledge and Brand as Friend® approach has helped clients build their brands, engage customers and generate revenue in building and construction, energy and sustainability, healthcare, graphic arts and imaging, and financial services.



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Eric Mower + Associates

At EMA, we believe the best way to build a magnetic B2B brand is to build stronger relationships with your prospects and customers. And the most lasting brand connections are built on affection, relevance and trust — just like the most lasting friendships. Here's a quick look at the ways we've helped all kinds of business decision makers feel valued and more personally connected with our clients' brands.

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Domtar Paper: Situation

Feeling the pressures to go paperless? In a time when textbooks are being replaced by iPads, maps by iPhones, conversations by tweets and filing cabinets by "the cloud," people still have great affection for paper.

Domtar, a global leader in office paper, drove that message through the advocacy campaign PAPERbecause. Along with creating new print ads, videos and online banners, EMA launched a truly wireless hotspot that became a highlight at SXSW, one of the world's largest interactive festivals.

Paper in the Lion's Den
The Domtar "Paper Hotspot" was an oasis of comfy couches, a fireplace, and shelves filled with books, magazines and sketchpads. People stepped inside to unplug, sit down and interact with paper. While the warmth of the paper was a stark contrast to the surrounding digital landscape, it was welcomed with open arms.
Crushing convention
PAPERbecause did more than raise eyebrows; it turned a commodity into something special. By building affection, relevance and trust, the overall campaign increased brand awareness by 225% and raised
purchasing intent for Domtar by nearly 100%.