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As Leo Burnett himself said, "We are people talking to people." This human-focused purpose guides our advertising philosophy, HumanKind. For us, it means forming personal and professional connections between specialist users, buyers and suppliers — and you. An approach we call S2S™ — Specialist-to-Specialist.

People & Place

From intermediaries to investors and C-suite leaders to small-business owners, we build connections with anyone who isn't everyone. We start with a deep understanding of their industry and then connect on their terms — socially, interactively and sometimes with a trusty old print ad.



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CEO, Leo Burnett Business

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Leo Burnett

A while back, we asked ourselves this key question: where does our best work come from? Is it born out of our passion for tough subjects and complex audiences? (After all, that's why we created the business arm of Leo Burnett.) Does it happen when we convert specialist buyers into brand advocates? Or when we look beyond ads for the acts that define businesses?
Leo Burnett — named Network of the Year by YoungGuns — has 96 offices in 85 countries.

As we talked it through, another truth emerged. In every case, our best work goes hand in hand with our best relationships.

Today, we actively set out to enjoy the journey of working with our clients — en route to increasing their success.In fact, we committed to this as our company's purpose. And it's proved a good one to live by. Because it's about more than being pleasant. It's about working out what we all want to achieve from our union of client and agency, and then going out there and making it happen. Together.

Put simply, it's about being a good fit for each other.


success stories

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State of business

In an industry where travel had lost its shine and car rental often came second to flights and hotels, Avis had to find a meaningful way to stand out. Our mission: reinvigorate the brand, give Avis a new sense of purpose and remind business travelers of the value in a premium travel experience.

Collaborative response

While others focused on the rental counter, we and our client decided to bring to life the experience on the road. Together, we showed that, with Avis, professionals could take back control because an Avis rental is more than a car — It's Your Space. TV spots used premium cars and celebrity professionals to elevate the brand and showcase the premium rental experience. Interactive tablet ads showed that an Avis car is everything from a place to relax to an office on wheels.

Changes in behavior

Since the 2012 launch of the campaign, reported use among frequent renters is up by over 30%. Their consideration to rent has also risen by over 30%, and their future likelihood to rent increased by 41%.