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Our Purpose

Mobium is the transformative business branding firm dedicated to b-to-b marketers who want to disrupt the outmoded conventions of their industries. We help change agents craft their brand strategies, create authentic brand experiences and powerfully communicate them inside their organizations and outside to the world.

Guiding Principles

Customer insights power transformative brands, overturn market conventions, create new categories, transform organizations and disrupt whole industries. Success in business branding, integrated marketing, global communications, digital and social media is like riding the bus. It requires change. And the changing future, as always, belongs to the brave.



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We change things.

We believe in change. We see things differently, think differently and do things differently.

If you want to make a transformative difference in your company instead of just an incremental one, we should talk.

We can help you create a disruptive brand to go with your disruptive new business model.

Or break down the silos between Sales and Marketing by understanding what your customers really value.

Or better understand and connect with today’s technical buyers.

Or take your marketing to the next level by leveraging the paradigm shifts that are changing business marketing.


success stories

The Challenge

Herff Jones, a leader in scholastic achievement products, wanted a non-traditional way to engage its core audience of teachers, advisors and coaches. While the brand has seen a steady rise in overall awareness, the marketing team sought to create meaningful customer dialogue beyond paid media.

The Execution

Herff Jones and Mobium created an unconventional platform to unite key influencers (students) and customers (educators) in a community of gratitude: The Herff Jones Teacher Shout Out. It enables past/present students to communicate with educators who have made a key difference. To generate traffic, $50,000 in prize money was awarded to educators and schools.

The Results

The Herff Jones Teacher Shout Out proved the value of an engaging, sustainable brand platform. Site visits exceeded original projections by six times. Actual audience-generated messages on the site were 3.5 times higher than forecast. What's more, the platform garnered significant earned media opportunities via widespread social media and PR exposure.