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A full service agency with a wide range of services and capabilities, PJA advertising + marketing will conceive, develop, and deploy a deeply integrated campaign based on a core truth or idea that will help you win the credit you deserve.



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Recognized by BtoB Magazine as a top midsize agency for 2013, PJA advertising + marketing likes to figure out the hard stuff.
Whether it's building a brand, simplifying a complex purchasing process, or re-imagining what BtoB advertising can be, PJA likes to figure out the hard stuff.

PJA finds the hidden truths your competitors are ignoring and that your buyer cares about. Those insights drive marketing programs that beyond advertising, winning attention at key decision moments to keep your product and services in demand.

Founded in 1988 as Philip Johnson Associates, today PJA combines marketing strategy and creative curiosity to help innovative brands challenge convention and find an unfair advantage against outsized competition.


success story

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Brother BusinessSmart Inkjet Series Launch: The Ultimate Combination

In order to kick-start its inkjet business, Brother needed to bring a product innovation to market that would be a game changer. Their answer? The new BusinessSmart Inkjet Series. Smaller, faster and more affordable than any other inkjet, this product series delivers a whole new printing experience for home offices and small businesses. PJA advertising + marketing launched an integrated campaign to drive awareness and consideration. A campaign of 60- and 30-second cable TV spots, digital display units, print and mobile banners all drove to desktop and mobile microsites where potential buyers could experience the benefits of these unique printers and locate a store. Partnerships with third-party publishers Forbes and Bloomberg were also leveraged to create unique editorial content showing how the printer works in real-life small businesses. DRTV was recently added to the campaign to further drive the understanding of the unique combination of features this particular printer has to offer.

Red Hat Enterprise Brand Launch

Enterprise computing is undergoing a second revolution as distributed networking and mobile computing. And the consumerization of the enterprise is forever reshaping the IT landscape. PJA advertising + marketing launched a first-ever brand effort for Red Hat, the highly respected pioneer of open-source software. Targeting innovative CIOs who are embracing this revolution, PJA’s "Calling All Enterprisers" campaign creates a visual tapestry that, quite literally, surfaces the "voice of today’s enterprise" as it cries out for more nimble, flexible and adaptable infrastructure solutions. Campaign tactics included print and digital executions in The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, as well as digital placements in targeted properties in the US and Japan. The campaign aligns enterprise needs with proven Red Hat solutions across cloud, virtualization, storage and the industry leading Linux platform—while beginning a rich dialogue with "Enterprisers" around the world.