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As specialists in B2B brand strategy, we speak the language of business. Based on over 20 years of experience, we solve business challenges for our clients through a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in the B2B marketplace. As researchers, strategists and creatives, our solutions consider: the intricacies associated with multiple channels of distribution, the high stakes decision making process of a considered purchase, the important role relationships play throughout long sales cycles, and the nuances of simplifying a complex sales proposition.

In today's transparent and interconnected world, it's about how you choose to be understood, how you connect to people and why they should believe in what you do.

Around this philosophy we have built brands for companies large and small—from start-ups to the Fortune 500. We create actionable brand strategies that are in perfect alignment with business objectives and drive managed and measurable growth. That's why, at RiechesBaird, we talk about Branding Business™. It's not merely a tagline for our B2B expertise. It's a corporate branding methodology that embraces business strategy, to enhance business performance. Visit


success story

The Situation

In 2012, Georgia Gulf announced plans to merge with a division of PPG—creating a Fortune 500-sized company with over $5B in revenue. As a global leader in the chemicals industry, a new brand promise was required, along with a suitably unique name and identity to represent the persona of the business.

The Execution

RiechesBaird created the name 'Axiall,' based on a real word with a rich history in both chemistry and construction—two core elements of their business. Axiall represents a new kind of chemistry company; one that responsibly harnesses applied chemistry to solve common problems, improves everyday life and drives human progress—supported by a new vision based tag line, at the intersection of chemistry and progress. The new corporate identity was designed to reference the vertical integration of the business and the unique double 'll' symbolizes GGC and PPG coming together to form Axiall.

The Results

In 2013 Axiall became a NYSE public entity and its stock is trading at over 50% since the time of the merger announcement. The 6000+ employees have been integrated under a new brand promise and RiechesBaird continues to serve as the corporate brand advisor.