ABC Family

ABC Family

network profile

  • Launched: Nov. 10, 2001
  • Coverage: Distributed in more than 95 million homes (as of March 2008)
  • Primary audience: Adults 12 to 34, 18 to 34 and 18 to 49; women 12 to 34, 18 to 34 and 18 to 49
  • Highest-rated program franchises: "Greek," "Kyle XY," original movies, "25 Days of Christmas"

360° opportunities

ABC Family's tremendous programming and marketing equity offers our clients a wide variety of opportunities to seamlessly integrate their brands. These include customized vignettes, scripted integration, new show launches, original movies, holiday events and sweepstakes, both on-air and online.


Laura Nathanson
Exec VP-Sales

Mark Rejtig
Senior VP-National Sales

Distributed in more than 95 million homes, ABC Family features original series, movies and specials reflecting today's families. The network's programming entertains and connects with young adult Millennials with relevant stories about relationships, all told with diversity, dysfunction, passion, humor and heart. It is a mix of quality acquired series and theatricals as well as original movies, dramas and comedies. ABC Family is also the destination for holiday events with its "13 Nights of Halloween" and "25 Days of Christmas" branded programming events.

ABC Family continues to show growth, with 2007 standing as the network's most-watched year on record. On the heels of the returning hit "Kyle XY," ABC Family launched "Lincoln Heights" to critical acclaim and multiple NAACP Image Award nominations. In 2007, ABC Family also launched "Greek," which stands as the network's highest-rated original series ever. "Greek" was the most downloaded series on iTunes in summer 2007, and its companion Web site,, was one of the first social networking sites launched by The Walt Disney Co., demonstrating ABC Family's success in reaching its target Millennial audience on multiple platforms.

In the past year, ABC Family has reached other milestones. The network won its first Emmy Award in the very Millennial category of "Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Television" for the alternative reality game created in support of the epic event, "Fallen." And among the 30,000 movies broadcast on cable in 2007, the debut of the original "Holiday in Handcuffs," airing as part of "25 Days of Christmas," was No. 2 in target women and No. 3 in young adults. Very happy holidays, indeed!


Filled with friendships, rivalries, humor and heart, this one-hour drama about college life is a real rush!
Kyle XY
Starring Matt Dallas, this award-winning drama is the perfect combination of mythology and relationships.
Lincoln Heights
This rich drama follows the story of the Sutton family as they face the challenges of urban life.
The Middleman
By writer/producer Javier Grillo-Marxauch ("Lost"), this series follows the surreal life of Wendy Watson, a newly recruited secret agent fighting comic book-esque evil.
Boy loves girl. Boy becomes girl's roommate. A comedy about unrequited love, friendships and roommates!
This half-hour is the heartwarming, hilarious tale of a young woman having the worst year of her life.
Untitled Drama
From "7th Heaven" creator Brenda Hampton comes a heartfelt drama about a teenage girl and her family coming to grips with unexpected news that will turn their world upside down.

The Circuit
This adrenaline-charged drama about a stock-car racing family stars Billy Campbell and Michelle Trachtenberg.
Picture This
Ashley Tisdale stars in this romantic comedy about finding the perfect guy even when you're grounded.
This modern fairytale about a mysterious princess offers a slightly different version of "happily ever after."
Snow 2 Brain Freeze
Tom Cavanagh reprises his role as Santa in this new original movie slated for 2008's "25 Days of Christmas!"

Samurai Girl
In this action-packed six-hour original event, a young woman trains to become a Samurai so she can take down an evil empire, only to learn its leader is her own father. Jamie Chung stars.