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  • GSN's median age in ad sales prime has dropped by nearly six years from 2006 through 2008 to date.1
  • attracts more than 700,000 unique visitors, generating nearly 3 million visits per month.2
  •'s original casual mini-games generate more than 4 million plays per month, with many based on GSN original programs.3

360° opportunities

Building on its 66 million-plus television subscriber base, GSN provides advertisers with numerous value-added assets to broaden their consumer reach, including:

  •, tailoring casual and competitive games as well as game show tie-ins to maximize branding impact
  • Radio content
  • "GSN Live," a daily, real-time participation experience connecting consumers to brands via integrated games and sweepstakes
  • GSN's "National Vocabulary Championship," a nationally recognized, award-winning annual campaign promoting language arts skills in high schools nationwide
  • GSN Lab, building a broad range of specific, sponsor-oriented original on-air and online content


John Zaccario
Senior VP-Advertising Sales

Melissa Zimmerman
VP-Marketing Solutions

Passion, participation, multimedia competitive entertainment and partnership programming: GSN is where people come to play—the premier destination for game content, anywhere, anytime.

A dominant presence in the games arena, GSN is uniquely positioned to offer advertisers a seamlessly integrated forum from which they can connect with consumers. With interchangeable content, including game shows, free online games, casual games and cash tournaments, no one delivers built-in, branded game entertainment like GSN. From exciting original endeavors, including "Bingo America," "Catch-21" and "GSN Live," to classic franchises like "Jeopardy!," GSN's diversified approach provides marketers with varied opportunities for complementary content branding.

Optimizing marketers' efforts, GSN Lab works with advertisers to create and develop exclusive, custom-branded on-air and online content. As a result, GSN's core audience of players 25 to 54—both competitive gamers and casual enthusiasts—actively participate in a naturally immersive, brand-rich environment tailored to maximize advertisers' ROI. And with its devoted fan base tuning in an average of 23.5 minutes a day, with 46.8minutes of daily online participation, advertisers can expect an unparalleled opportunity to cultivate a lasting relationship with GSN's thriving community of players.

In addition to dynamic on-air and online content, including the "World Poker Tour," GSN offers advertisers direct consumer access with pro-social ventures such as the "National Vocabulary Championship," with its substantial online initiative and citywide events. Fostering a new era in audience participation, GSN defines competitive entertainment across all platforms.


Bingo America
Hosted by Patrick Duffy, "Bingo America" blends the classic, trivia-based game show format with the best elements of traditional bingo game-play in a new, fast-paced series that invites at-home audiences to play along for a chance to win cash prizes. This innovative new endeavor also offers advertisers numerous brand integration opportunities, including customized content, sweepstakes options and text-messaging engagement.
Poker Franchise
With the recent addition of the "World Poker Tour" to GSN's widely popular original Texas Hold'em cash game competition, "High Stakes Poker," GSN has established itself as a prime time poker powerhouse. Featuring the best players in some of the most competitive tournaments in the world, GSN's poker franchise provides competitive entertainment for both fanatics and newcomers, such as women, who have become a rising force in the game. And with the recent launch of their online joint venture,, GSN's partnership with the WPT presents advertisers with multiple cross-platform opportunities to specifically target the premium card-playing audience niche.
An entirely new way to watch and win, "GSN Live" gives its viewing audience daily prize-winning opportunities while celebrating history's more memorable game show moments. This advertiser-friendly experience naturally incorporates brands and products into a variety of customized, on-air game content. Connecting with brands through live game play, players at home attempt to win prizes ranging from new cars, fine jewelry and high-end electronics to a variety of vacation packages.
The leading provider of online game competitions, hosts cash tournaments in some of the world's most popular casual games, including Solitaire, Bejeweled 2, Family Feud and Scrabble Cubes. In addition, the site offers players a variety of free multiplayer and Flash games. also gives its audience all the latest news and information about GSN's current and upcoming content, including programming, promotions, sweepstakes and additional game-play opportunities.
Based on one of's most popular casual games, "Catch-21" combines pop culture trivia with the excitement of the classic card game, 21. Using larger-than-life playing cards, players try to bust their competitors through three rounds of trivia to qualify for the final prize round. Visit and play the online cash game today to experience the fast-action fun of this great new franchise firsthand.

Sources: 1Nielsen Media Research via Star Trak; 2008 through 3/18/08. 2comScore Media Metrix February '08. 3Internal metrics via APU server.