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  • First quarter 2008 marked History's best quarter ever, making it the fastest growing top 10 entertainment ad-supported network (adults 25 to 54).
  • No. 1 reach against men among male-targeted cable networks, first quarter 2008
  • Ranks No. 5 among men 25 to 54
  • Attracts younger men: Ranks No. 7 among men 18 to 49, up from No. 9 a year ago
  • Total unique visitors to History.com is up 71 percent year over year.

Source: TV—Nielsen program live data, M-Su 8p-11p, 12/31/07-3/30/08; History.com data based on comScore, Jan.-Feb. 2007 vs. Jan.-Feb. 2008.

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Amy Baker
Senior VP-Sales

History is on a roll. With a refreshed look and an expanded programming slate that includes every genre related to history, we are taking historical subject matter and making it relatable to viewers across multiple platforms. History is the ultimate destination for all things history.

Coming off the best year in the network's history, with many record-breaking specials and series launches, History is committed to bringing viewers great story-telling in the coming season. Our latest programming franchise, American Originals, celebrates the frontier spirit and speaks to the history and legacy of the everyday heroes who have built this nation. Anchored in traditions that date back generations, the compelling pioneers seen in shows including "Ax Men," "Ice Road Truckers" and soon in "Tougher in Alaska" take viewers on a journey into history in the making.

Powered by content that is more accessible, immersive and personal and coupled with continued investment in the latest technology, History has successfully maintained its loyal fans while enticing new, younger viewers to experience its brand. As of the first quarter, History stands as the No. 1 male-reach vehicle among male-targeted networks.

History's success has expanded beyond the TV screen to reach audiences wherever and whenever they want their history. By investing heavily in History.com we are providing a digital experience that engages our viewer through exclusive content, compelling video, behind-the-scenes access and more.

The success continues. History connects the dots between the past, the present and the future. We remain committed to providing trusted and valuable environments for viewers and advertisers alike. The best is yet to come.


"Ancient Discoveries," "Modern Marvels," "Ax Men," "Mega Disasters," "The Universe," "Ice Road Truckers," "Cities of the Underworld," "UFO Hunters"

Jurassic Fight Club
Dinosaur sites are revealing far more than ancient fossils. Paleontologists are discovering a startling record of the battles these beasts fought. Armed with new insights into the quick thinking, maneuverability, and split-second timing of these ancient adversaries, and aided by innovative CGI techniques, "Jurassic Fight Club" will take viewers ringside for a blow-by-blow recreation of these epic struggles for survival.
Eyes on Target
"Eyes on Target" will follow six surveillance specialists on legally sanctioned, covert intelligence-gathering operations—real missions, with real consequences.
How ______ Changed the World
"How ______ Changed the World" is a nostalgic dissection of everything pop culture. Each episode will shed light on the surprising ways that popular items and icons have truly changed our world.
Tougher in Alaska
The weather. The work. And especially the people. Everything is "Tougher in Alaska." Building a life in the far North requires adapting to extreme conditions—severe weather, rugged terrain and vast distances between communities. Each week host Geo Beach explores a different activity or environment that vividly illustrates how living in Alaska is just plain harder than living anywhere else.

In this special, History will set the record straight with an accurate portrait of the legendary men—and women—we know as cowboys.
Moon Shot
To mark the 40th anniversary of mankind's first steps on the Moon, History will look behind the fabled footage of this epic event to dispel the myths and uncover the true story.