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  • 2007 saw the biggest audience in the history of HLN.1
  • Headline News is experiencing double-digit growth among all core demos in prime time and total day.2
  • Since relaunch, "Morning Express" has seen 23 percent growth among people 18 to 34.3

  • Source: 1Nielsen Media Research, live+7 blended, 2007 (1/01/07-12/30/07) vs. 1993-2006 (09/27/93-12/31/06) yearly averages, P2+ comparisons, M-Su 6a-6a. 2Nielsen Media Research, live+7 blended, 1Q08 TD (12/31/07- 03/17/08) vs. 4Q07 (10/01/07-12/30/07), M-F 7p-11p, M-Su 6a-6a. 3Nielsen Media Research, live+7 blended, 19 weeks since relaunch (11/05/07- 03/16/08) vs. prior 19 weeks (06/25/07-11/04/07), M-F 6a.

360° opportunities

While other media brands were continuing their linear businesses, CNN has delivered 360° marketing partnerships to our advertisers. Advertisers are able to use multiple CNN platforms to build an extensive reach without excessive frequency.

Opportunities include integrated content sponsorships across TV, Web and mobile; blogs; pod/vodcasts; CNN.com live video player and interactive TV.


Greg D'Alba
Exec VP-Chief Operating Officer
CNN Sales & Marketing

Headline News delivers fast-paced, lively and engaging news to 89 million households each day. A distinctive part of the CNN Worldwide portfolio, the "Need to Know" network is designed especially for viewers who want relevant news in a way that suits their hectic schedules. Headline News provides breaking news throughout the day, serving quick bursts of real-time information and stories across a wide spectrum of topics affecting viewers' lives, including weather, health, money and sports. "Headline Prime," Headline News' nightly slate of signature programming, features news with a point of view: "Nancy Grace," "Glenn Beck" and "Showbiz Tonight." These hot-button shows bring personality, passion and opinions to all the latest issues and seek to evoke reaction from viewers.

The network is experiencing double-digit growth among all core demographics in prime time and total day,1 and reaches a larger audience of people 25 to 54 in total day than any other competitive news network.2 Last year, audiences of people 2 and older grew 13 percent while the people 25-to-54 audience increased by 11 percent,3 yielding the biggest audience in the history of the network. "Morning Express With Robin Meade" has posted a 23 percent increase with people 18 to 34 and a 15 percent boost among people 25 to 54 since launch.4 "Headline Prime" also continues to gain momentum; "Glenn Beck" has seen a 109 percent increase in people 25 to 54 since program launch,5 "Nancy Grace" is up 30 percent in people 25 to 54,6 and "Showbiz Tonight" is the fastest-growing show in all of cable news.7

Headline News' slate of breaking news, legal, commentary and entertainment programs brings passion and point-of-view to the latest news and provides advertisers a range of new, innovative and high-value opportunities. From podbusters to in-program mentions and sponsorships, HLN is driving creative solutions that effectively connect with consumers. Advertisers can utilize multiple CNN platforms to build an extensive reach through integrated content sponsorships spanning TV, Web and mobile properties.


Morning Express With Robin Meade
Anchor Robin Meade and her team take viewers on a live, interactive, high-octane ride through the day's essential news—including politics, sports, entertainment, weather, finance and travel—and the softer stories that hit close to home.
Target: Adults 25-54
Prime News
Emotional. Hot-button. Engaging. Anchor Mike Galanos and "Prime News" deliver stories that grab viewers' attention and report breaking news as it happens.
Target: Adults 25-54
Showbiz Tonight
Television's most provocative entertainment news show: news, opinions, discussions, industry experts and analysis—Hollywood-style! Hosted by A.J. Hammer, this is a quick snapshot of issues facing the entertainment industry—going beyond the headlines to separate fact from fiction.
Target: Adults 25-54
Glenn Beck
With his unfiltered, unconventional, unique and often amusing perspective on the news and issues, Glenn Beck balances his provocative, opinionated and edgy style with passion and common sense about the issues affecting the country.
Target: Adults 25-54
Nancy Grace
Legal powerhouse Nancy Grace hosts the only justice-themed news/interview/debate show on television. With a passionate, opinionated, tough-talking style, she delivers a clear understanding of the day's top trials, legal news and justice issues.
Target: Adults 25-54

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