network profile

  • MSNBC delivers the most affluent audience.1
  • MSNBC viewers trust TV more among all media vs. viewers of competition.2
  • MSNBC viewers are loyal, one-third having watched for six years or more, almost two-thirds having watched for four or more years.2
  • MSNBC viewers are tech-savvy early adopters.2
  • MSNBC is viewed as the best place for politics among cable news networks by 74 percent of viewers.2
  • MSNBC viewers remain the youngest vs. competition in both Total Day and Prime.3

360° opportunities

  • Viewers stay connected through MSNBC blogs, podcasts and video on
  • MSNBC programming also integrates media platforms. In dayside, "MSNBC Live" displays a real-time news ticker for continuous coverage of breaking news.
  • video is embedded in non-NBC Web sites and blogs.


Barry Margolis
VP-NBC News Eastern Sales

MSNBC, the place for politics, brings the power of NBC News, America's trusted news leader, to cable 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The compound MSNBC experience includes MSNBC TV and Advertisers can benefit from a service that offers the ideal platform to engage clients' needs on-air, online and beyond.

MSNBC's well-educated, tech-savvy viewers represent the youngest and most affluent audience among cable news channels.

MSNBC offers its audience a mix of breaking news coverage and engaging programming. "Morning Joe" starts the day with the headlines people will be talking about. Throughout the day, viewers tune into "MSNBC Live" for in-depth coverage of the world's top stories. "Hardball With Chris Matthews" and "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" carry viewers into prime time, offering captivating perspectives and analysis on the biggest stories of the day.

MSNBC's unique integration with affords the network the ability to seamlessly cover a top story on both platforms. has been the most-trafficked news site on the Web for more than three years straight, keeping users on breaking news while easily linking to NBC News properties.

This is another exciting year for the fastest-growing cable news channel. MSNBC was the only news network with strong growth in prime time.1 With the power and reach of NBC News, MSNBC is in the unique position to customize solutions for clients. Partner with MSNBC to join the momentum.


Countdown With Keith Olbermann
More than just top stories, breaking news coverage and world-class reporting, "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" offers fast-paced segments that tell viewers the story from every angle. Hosted by one of mainstream America's edgiest news personalities, Keith Olbermann.
Hardball With Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews reports on the games played in the back rooms of Washington, the boardrooms of Wall Street and the back lots of Hollywood to identify the winners and losers and get to the truth behind the day's most relevant stories.
Morning Joe
With a smart, matter-of-fact approach, Joe Scarborough starts the day with headlines that viewers will be talking about. "Morning Joe" features interviews with top newsmakers and politicians and in-depth analysis of the day's biggest stories.
Verdict With Dan Abrams
Dan Abrams takes a look at politics, law and pop culture from a legal perspective. Abrams examines (and cross-examines) them all, ultimately deciding the day's biggest winners and losers.
Race for the White House With David Gregory
NBC Chief White House correspondent David Gregory gives viewers a fast-paced daily look at the latest election news. Viewers are invited to participate by sending questions and comments to Gregory and his panel of contributors.

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Network Profile Source: 1MRI Doublebase 2007, Base: A25-54. 2News Viewer Panel administered by Vision Critical. 3NMR 2007 (1/1/2007-12/30/2007), Prime time is defined as M-Su 7p-2a and total day is defined as M-Su 6a-2a. Competition: CNN & FNC.