network profile

  • Launch date: 1984
  • Broadcast day: 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Sunday
  • Current household universe:1
    94 million
  • Percent of total cable TV households:
  • Adults 25 to 54:1
    104.1 million
  • Men 25 to 54:1
    51.1 million
  • Median age (base 18 and older):
  • Median household income:2

360° opportunities

  • Branded marketing opportunities
  • Integration
  • Hospitality
  • HD launched in 2008
  • VOD in 20 million homes


AMC National Ad Sales

With a peerless range of movie genres and smart original programming, AMC offers both broad appeal and the opportunity to hypertarget. Viewers across key adult demographics appreciate our movies and innovative programming. We're expanding our platforms online, in HD and on demand, building on the momentum we established by receiving four Emmy Awards in 2007 and two Golden Globes this year for our first forays into scripted television. With our new tool, A.I.M. (Audience Identity Metric), we are poised to put advertisers into one of the best environments on television.

It's no longer enough to measure who's tuned in during commercial breaks. Web marketers can measure an ad's effectiveness and target behavioral patterns. With AMC's new Audience Identity Metric, a proprietary tool we developed with Nielsen Co., you can do that on cable as well. Our study of the lifestyle and behavior patterns of 5,000 cable viewers also charts how receptive they are to movies in AMC's library. So beyond buying ads users respond to based on age and income, you can superserve your audience by linking their behavioral patterns with the movies they like.

AMC is rising to the top by complementing our movie library with breakout original shows such as the critically acclaimed, Golden Globe- and Peabody Award-winning "Mad Men" and the hit "Breaking Bad." New for second quarter 2009 will be "The Prisoner," a miniseries remake of the sci-fi cult classic. We're proud Rolling Stone, arbiter of cool, said, "What more proof do you need that AMC has the best dramas on cable?"

At AMC, our partnerships are your partnerships. Align yourself with "Shootout," our Sunday talk show, where hosts Peter Bart and Peter Guber take on Hollywood's A-list. Come with AMC to the "Independent Spirit Awards" and "American Cinematheque," and join us at Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto and Cannes.Your clients get VIP access to the stars, and you get a chance to customize your marketing outreach under our banner.

Your brand can join us during our most heavily-promoted times each season. October is dedicated to "Monsterfest," which reaches the coveted 18-to-49 fan base with solid scares from King to Craven. In February, "Long Live Awards" features Oscar nominees and winners, plus on-air premieres and star-studded events. Or team up your brand with "Long Live Heroes," our May marathon that hails gutsy roles. In 2009, AMC celebrates its 25th anniversary with events and promotions on and off the air.

Iconic films and their larger-than-life stars are deeply woven into popular culture. With its core franchises, AMC gets to the heart of what viewers love about film. "AMC Hollywood Icon" spotlights industry standouts monthly, and "AMC Celebrates" showcases hits on their anniversaries, infused with never-before-seen cast interviews and director commentary. "AMC Complete Collection" broadcasts the greatest film franchises. With "Premiere Events,"we unveil a film for the first time, hosted by the talent that makes it a classic—like our recent world television premiere of "Letters From Iwo Jima," hosted by Clint Eastwood. Just as AMC is committed to invigorating our own offerings, we're equally committed to making sure your brand sees results. When you partner with AMC, you capture the attention of your target in the best possible way—by aligning your brand with the movies, originals and events that ignite viewers' passions.


Mad Men
From writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner, "Mad Men" is television's most critically acclaimed new series. Set in 1960s New York, "Mad Men" pulls the viewer into a provocative world—the high-powered and glamorous golden age of advertising—where everyone is selling something and nothing is ever what you expect it to be.

Breaking Bad
Meet Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher sleepwalking through life when, boom, a terminal diagnosis changes everything—liberates him and empowers him to use his chemistry skills anew to finance the future for his struggling family. It's an uncontrolled experiment with the American dream, and it finally wakes him up.

The Prisoner
This series tells the story of a man who finds himself trapped in a mysterious and surreal place known as the Village, with no memory of how he arrived. Not knowing who to trust, Number Six is driven by the desperate need to discover the truth behind the Village, the reason for his being there and, most important, how he can survive and escape to return to his earlier life.

Hosted by entertainment industry veterans Peter Bart and Peter Guber, "Shootout" has gained both critical and industry acclaim for its timely and relevant discussion topics and its roster of A-list guests. Messrs. Bart and Guber provide informed and spirited perspectives on the stars, the studios and the business of entertainment.

1Nielsen Media Research March 2008 (2/25/08-3/30/08). 2Mediamark Research 2007 Doublebase study.