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Retirement Living TV

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  • 30 percent of the U.S. population (93 million people)
  • $2.1 trillion in consumer spending each year
  • Account for 62 percent of all prescription drug spending
  • Spend $30 billion a year on travel
  • 47.5 million are online weekly
  • 24 million of them play online video games weekly
  • 14.8 million attend movies within the first two weeks of opening,,,
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360° opportunities

RLTV offers advertisers a number of tie-in opportunities including:

  • Online:, an interactive website with VOD offering, web roll-ins, advanced video search and community blogs
  • In Print: The Erickson Tribune, a news publication with a reach of 3.2 million households
  • On the street: "Cable for the people" mobile tour
  • On-air specials, including branded entertainment, brand-specific vignettes and interstitials and exclusive programming opportunities, such as our Medicare Part D initiative.


Gig Barton
VP-Advertising Sales & Sponsorships

RLTV offers all original programming for those aspiring to retire and those in active retirement, featuring content that informs, involves and inspires viewers. Launched in September 2006, the network has award-winning programming with noted journalists Walter Cronkite, John Palmer, Felicia Taylor and Lea Thompson, as well as established celebrities including Florence Henderson and Dr. Ruth Westheimer, discussing topics that include politics, finance, health, lifestyle and travel. RLTV works in partnership with AARP, AAA, Johns Hopkins University, NBC News, U.S. News & World Report and others.


Daily Café
This live, two-hour weekday program focuses on news and current affairs with hosts Felicia Taylor, a former CNN anchor and five-time Emmy Award winner, and Fred Grandy. Guest correspondents include Walter Cronkite and Dr. Ruth Westheimer.
The Prudent Advisor
An informative show that advises viewers how to get the most for their money in everything from healthcare to travel deals to beauty aids. The show is hosted by John Palmer, formerly of "NBC News" and the "Today Show," with guest host Lea Thompson, formerly of "Dateline NBC," and financial contributor Karen Gibbs, former anchor at CNBC.
Hosted by Dr. Kevin Soden, "Healthline" promotes the idea that the healthier you are, the more likely you'll enjoy life. This 30-minute health and medical program equips viewers with the tools they need to take better control of their own healthcare.
What's Next?
This is a lifestyle makeover show for middle age. "What's Next?" shares inspirational stories of men and women who want to make the most of their freedom years with the help of a team of experts led by host Sherry Parrish.
Retired & Wired
An engaging and entertaining series about how mature adults can greatly enhance their lives through the adoption of some of today's most helpful technologies—turning all things technical into the understandable.
Healthcare '08: Search for Solutions
In association with Johns Hopkins University and the National Coalition on Health Care, this program provides an informal forum for presidential candidates and other public leaders to discuss their views on the healthcare crisis facing boomers and seniors in America.
Another Chance for Romance
A dating show hosted by Roger Lodge (former host of "Blind Date") features mature adults in search of love and companionship as they jump—heart first—into the world of dating. Viewers are brought along for a ride on this entertaining "love train" as men and women are coupled and sent on blind dates.