Sci Fi

Sci Fi

network profile

Top 10 and growing:

  • Ranks among the top 10 in adults 18 to 49 and top 7 in adults 25 to 54
  • Largest online genre destination

Highly engaged consumer:
  • Best C3 index on cable
  • No. 5 among most engaged viewers
  • No. 1 in ad performance—brand recall, message recall and likability

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Explorer/ NPower and IAG Research available upon request.

360° opportunities

Highly rated programming events, such as "Battlestar Galactica's" final season and the record-breaking "Ghost Hunters Live," offer critical exposure to influential viewers and sponsors alike. Through co-branded, multiplatform executions, partner brands own the content that passionate consumers crave most—fan experiences, exclusive insider access and extended content.


Steve Mandala
Exec VP Cable Entertainment Sales

Mark Miller
Senior VP Cable Entertainment Sales

Leigh Anne Pavia
Director of Sales, SCI FI

Rich Knopke
Director, Digital Media Sales

Powered by fantasy and imagination, SCI FI is a top 10 network and lifestyle brand recognized for acclaimed original-scripted and reality content that lives across every screen.

SCI FI captures the attention of an influential audience, adults 18 to 49, who don't just impact market trends—they create them. Passion-driven and highly engaged, our viewers consider SCI FI much more than entertainment; for them, it's a way of life. With 52 weeks of groundbreaking original content each year, SCI FI enables viewers to imagine what's possible with hit series such as the critically acclaimed "Battlestar Galactica," "Eureka" and "Ghost Hunters," plus seven new originals premiering in 2008-09.

With a limitless, fully immersive digital environment, the imagination of SCI FI stretches beyond television to reach consumers wherever they are. Fueled by imagination, SCI FI digital, including the No. 1 genre destination on the Web, communicates with consumers across all platforms, inspiring them and earning their loyalty.

Everything we do is motivated by the understanding that thinking and acting differently today is essential to shaping tomorrow, and that exercising the imagination is rewarded with an experience that is potent and transformative.

A partnership with SCI FI opens your brand to endless possibilities.


SCI FI celebrates and activates the imagination. From drama to reality, SCI FI offers a world where anything is possible.
Battlestar Galactica: The Final Season
Hailed by TV Guide as having "TV legend written all over it."
Destination Truth
Adventurer Josh Gates travels the globe in pursuit of the world's most mysterious legends.
America's top-secret town of the world's smartest people is back for an all-new season.
Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International
Paranormal activity is investigated at home and abroad in two hit series.
SCI FI Saturday: The Most Dangerous Night of Television
Original and blockbuster thrillers pump adrenaline into ordinary weekends.

The highly anticipated prequel to "Battlestar Galactica."
The international obsession comes to SCI FI for back-to-back episodes every Monday night.
The story of a new American revolution and the unlikely heroes that emerge in times of need.
Run for Money
Contestants avoid capture by bounty hunters in exchange for incredible prizes.
Scare Tactics
Tracy Morgan plays elaborate and terrifying pranks on unsuspecting victims.
Warehouse 13
Fledgling FBI agents investigate America's paranormal artifacts.

The imagination of SCI FI stretches beyond the television to a fully immersive online experience. SCI FI Digital gives consumers the exclusive original content they crave.; Farscape; Starcrossed.