BBC America

BBC America

network profile

  • Available in all 212 U.S. TV markets penetrating more than 60 million U.S. homes.1
  • Highest year-on-year growth in prime time among adults 18 to 49 in all of cable2
  • Highest C3-versus-live index (109) in prime time in all of cable3
  • No. 1 network for adults 25 to 54 with post-graduate degrees4
  • No. 5 network for adults 25 to 54 with household income more than $150,0005
  • "Torchwood" is BBC America's highest-rated series ever in live, live+SD and live+7.6
  • The only channel in prime time with a higher 25-to-54 rating in C3 vs. its live program rating7

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Mark Gall, Senior VP
BBC America, and BBCWorld

BBC America brings trendsetting television to U.S. viewers with programs, stories and characters that transcend borders. From news and drama to comedy and reality, BBC America delivers a fresh, international perspective on entertainment programming to an affluent, educated 18-to-49 audience.

As part of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.), the channel's programming strategy is to deliver hit programs that resonate with American viewers through a common language and shared ideas. Established 10 years ago, the award-winning channel has a strong track record as a creative powerhouse, introducing new and innovative shows, such as "The Office," that others imitate.

The channel continues to lead the way with a roster of critically acclaimed hits in prime time, including "Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares," "Top Gear," "Primeval," "Robin Hood," "Gavin and Stacey," "Mistresses," "MI-5," "Dr.Who," "The Graham Norton Show" and "Torchwood," the highest-rated series in the history of the channel. In daytime, lifestyle favorites lead the way, such as "How Clean Is Your House," "You Are What You Eat" and "Cash in the Attic."

Unparalleled entertainment is matched with unparalleled international news. Each weeknight, "BBC World News America" tailors the best of the BBC's world-renowned global reports for the U.S. audience, anchored by former foreign correspondent Matt Frei. And on Fridays, "Newsnight" expands the current affairs agenda with hard-hitting reports and analysis, plus some of the toughest interviews on television. BBC America has won a host of awards, including four Golden Globes and eight Peabody Awards.


From Russell T Davies ("Doctor Who," "Queer as Folk"), "Torchwood" is a contemporary, action-packed, adrenalin-fuelled sci-fi series following the adventures of a team of investigators who use alien technology to solve crime.
Robin Hood
With breathtaking archery, incredible swordplay, a feisty Marian and not a pair of tights in sight, this is Robin Hood for a new generation—and BBC America's latest take on one of the world's best-loved action heroes.
"Jurassic Park" meets "Doctor Who" in this all-action thriller where dinosaurs wreak havoc in the present day.
BBC World News America
Bringing the best BBC News reporting from around the world, this U.S.-facing nightly newscast, live from Washington, D.C., provides a unique perspective on global issues that affect America.
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
In the U.K. original, multi-Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay gives failing chefs and their restaurants the chance of a lifetime—to be rescued by one of the best in the business. But can they handle the pressure?
Top Gear
One of the U.K.'s most popular television franchises, "Top Gear" is a motor show like no other. Irreverent, witty and refreshingly honest, the award-winning show has been described as "Jackass" on wheels.
Gavin and Stacey
This multi-award-winning, quirky, contemporary comedy tells a tale of true love between an ordinary boy from England and an ordinary girl from Wales.
The Graham Norton Show
With a potent mix of glamorous guests, audience interrogation and interactive mischief, cheeky Graham Norton uses his charm and devilish humor to take celebrity guests and his audience one step further than other talk show hosts dare.
Dr. Who
This global sci-fi hit takes viewers on adventures through time and space with the world's most famous Time Lord.
A super-charged drama taking viewers deep undercover in the company of a crack team of spies.

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