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  • Bio is in 47 million homes (as of March 2008).
  • First quarter 2008 was Bio's best quarter ever.
  • New original series "I Survived" is the No. 1 Bio series of all time.
  • Bio's solid schedule has experienced growth every night of the week.
  • Total unique visitors to have increased by 120 percent vs. a year ago.

Sources: TV—Nielsen program live+SD. data based on comScore.

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Peter Olsen
Senior VP-Advertising Sales

At Bio, we prove that the truth about people is always more entertaining than fiction. Bio is about real people and their real lives: up close and personal, unexpected and provocative. With major investments in original programming and tremendous audience growth on-air and online, we will reach 50 million homes in 2008.

Bio is introducing more than eight new series this year. William Shatner and Chris Isaak join the Bio family in two new signature buzzworthy series. "Extreme Fishermen" is a documentary series that takes you into one fishing community where family tensions, danger on the high seas and humor collide. "Female Forces" is another new addition, featuring an all-female police force. In addition to these compelling new programs, Bio continues to be the exclusive home to the Emmy Award-winning "Biography" series, which will premiere several major specials, including shows on Eddie Murphy, Johnny Cash and Elvis. Bio doesn't stop there. All new episodes of "Psychic Investigators" will debut on Sunday nights in our Paranormal Zone, where the search for truth continues.

Bio is also a powerful online brand. is a unique, rich search destination that provides a deeper dive for our on-air audience. With our extensive video library and original Web features such as "Born on This Day," acts as a tremendous vehicle for great interactive and partnership opportunities. Our online growth has more than doubled from 2007 to 2008.

Bio platforms uncover real drama in people's stories. Whether it's celebrities going off-script, everyday people and situations with a twist or paranormal searches for the truth, Bio is unfiltered. True story.


Shatner's Raw Nerve William Shatner's unique take on A-list interviews. Every week he will tease, cajole and badger guests, looking to hit that raw nerve.
The Chris Isaak Hour
Major music stars join Chris to tell stories, play songs and share their musical roots.
Our Emmy Award-winning original series continues, this season premiering even more groundbreaking biographies. From political figures to entertainers, "Biography" is the source for cultural truth.
Female Forces
Ride shotgun with Naperville, Ill., female crime fighters and get an in-the-squad-car view of what it's like to be a female officer in the suburbs of Chicago.
I Survived…
What gives someone the strength to survive? This unique original series promises an intimate experience with up-close interviews of survivors telling their stories.
Final 24
"Final 24" is a compelling psychological look at the last six days of a celebrity's life. Each episode tracks the gripping final 24 hours of a famous person spending their last moments on Earth.
Psychic Investigators
"Psychic Investigators" is the story of those gifted with second sight—the blessing or curse of having visions. Each episode follows the true story of a psychic whose visions provide a vital clue to a police force baffled by a seemingly unsolvable crime.