network profile

  • CNBC is the No.1 out-of-home cable channel and delivers an elusive and engaged audience.
  • 39 percent of CNBC viewers manage or influence investment of company funds with an average value of $114.5 million.
  • $2.7 million average net worth
  • $832,000 median value of investments
  • 90 percent say they pay attention when they watch CNBC.
  • 73 percent say CNBC is a trustworthy environment for advertising.

multiplatform opportunities

CNBC offers endless possibilities, including the ability to advertise globally and across multiple media platforms. All platforms are integral to the CNBC experience.

  • On-air programming
  • Real-time stock ticker
  • High-profile events
  • Podcasts
  • SMS messaging
  • Print and outdoor
  • Radio


John Kelly
Senior VP-NBC News Network Sales

Robert Foothorap
VP-CNBC Global Sales Leader

CNBC, first in business worldwide, presents marketers with unparalleled opportunities to connect with high-quality consumers. With an average net worth of $2.7 million, CNBC's audience is among the most affluent and influential on television. They loyally turn to CNBC for information that is fast, accurate, actionable and unbiased.

CNBC reaches more than 402 million households worldwide.1 In addition to its global reach on air, serves as the global online extension of the CNBC cable network. Cross-platform opportunities such as the "Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge" and "Fast Money Trader Radar" afford advertisers with the opportunity to leverage CNBC both on-air and online. Viewers also turn to for video interviews and recent market information.

Loyalty among CNBC viewers continues to rise. In 2007, CNBC's business day for adults 25-to-54 was up 32 percent over 2006 and had its best year since 2003. CNBC prime time for adults 25-to-54 was up 14 percent over 2006 and had its best year since 2001. Plus, 58 percent of viewers hold top management positions—CEO,CFO, chief operating officer, partner or president.2

CNBC offers endless possibilities, including the ability to advertise globally and across multiple media platforms. Harnessing the power and reach of NBC News, CNBC is in the unique position to customize solutions for its clients. Join the leader in business news in reaching the most sought after viewers.


Squawk on the Street
Mark Haines and Erin Burnett anchor from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, providing viewers with an exclusive look at the action as the opening bell rings on Wall Street.
Fast Money
Dylan Ratigan and the "Fast Money" experts share information normally reserved for the Wall Street trading floor, enabling viewers to make decisions that can make them money.
Business Nation
CNBC's monthly, one-hour newsmagazine focuses on the stories behind the business headlines. Each edition presents a blend of hard-news reports, in-depth investigations, exclusive interviews and compelling human interest features—delivered in a story-driven magazine format. It's the first regularly scheduled newsmagazine to focus solely on the world of business.
The Suze Orman Show
Covering today's hottest financial topics, "The Suze Orman Show" helps people make the connection between self worth and net worth.
CNBC Sunday Originals
Each Sunday in CNBC prime time, "CNBC Sunday Originals" reveal the companies and events that have made a profound impact on business today.

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