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  • The CNN brand reaches more people in a month with its TV networks and Web sites than any other cable news organization.5
  • CNN reaches 45 percent of influentials each month, more than any other TV news brand.6
  • CNN is No. 1 in reaching upscale people 25-54 with household incomes of $250,000-plus, $500,000-plus and $750,000-plus, compared with other cable news networks.7

360° opportunities

While other media brands were continuing their linear businesses, CNN has delivered 360° marketing partnerships to our advertisers. Advertisers are able to use multiple CNN platforms to build an extensive reach without excessive frequency.

Opportunities include integrated content sponsorships across TV, Web and mobile; blogs; pod/vodcasts; live video player and interactive TV.


Greg D'Alba
Exec VP-Chief Operating Officer
CNN Sales & Marketing

CNN'S reach extends to a global community of influential viewers who come to be informed, involved and empowered by the network's unique approach to news. CNN has the ability to reach this audience at any moment, anywhere in the world—on television, out of home or through our expansive digital network of online and mobile platforms.

The ability to have quality news delivered anywhere, anytime has empowered a new generation of users to act on the news and issues that affect their lives through citizen journalism, activism and debate. CNN recognizes the need for a two-way dialogue with audiences and creates new, interactive opportunities for our advertisers to connect with these not-so-passive consumers through innovative, idea-based custom solutions across all platforms. CNN's iReport user-generated content initiative and Impact Your World engage audiences in the daily reporting of the events of our time, empowering them to
join in.

The original cable news network is still the leader. CNN is the most-watched cable news network1 and continues to gain momentum, expanding audiences both on-air and online. Among people 25 to 54, audiences have grown 84 percent in prime time and 24 percent in total day.2 The CNN Digital Network is the most-used online news site, with 1.5 billion total usage minutes per month.3 Americans choose CNN and the best political team on television for all the latest coverage of Election 2008.

CNN is the place for politics, but it's also a destination where advertisers align their brand with signature programming that speaks to today's conscientious consumer. Specials such as "Planet in Peril" and "CNN Heroes" are premium opportunities that inform on the issues, involve the audience and empower viewers to act on the news.

The world is truly becoming a global community, and CNN is at the forefront of connecting people to the news that affects their lives. Continuing to grow internationally with news bureaus around the world, CNN ensures delivery of the best award-winning journalism as it happens. The breadth and depth of coverage across CNN's linear and digital platforms offer advertisers distinctive prospects to reach affluent, influential and otherwise hard-to-reach audiences.


CNN is America's Campaign Headquarters. Every election, CNN revolutionizes campaign coverage through an experienced political team and the latest state-of-the-art technology. CNN offers unmatched election coverage, bringing all sides and all voices to the table for the world to hear. The "Best Political Team...Period" leaves no stone unturned.
Adults 24-54
CNN Heroes
"CNN Heroes" honors people—unheralded and unrecognized—who are making extraordinary contributions to the world. CNN utilizes the global assets of the network to find these people and tell their stories. The "CNN Heroes" program will conclude with a global broadcast that captures the spirit of our heroes with uplifting musical tributes, documentary storytelling and special accolades.
Adults 24-54
Planet in Peril
Anderson Cooper takes a global field trip, reporting on environmental issues facing the world. This documentary series focuses on the interconnectivity of environmental changes and how the planet's condition affects us all.
Adults 24-54
Your World
CNN's first audience-empowerment initiative will change the way people view and interact with the news. Every individual who has asked or thought, "What can I do?" after seeing a compelling news story will be empowered with news and information to take action and do something to effect change in their world.
Adults 18-54

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