Fox Reality Channel

Network profile

  • Currently reaches 50 million homes
  • Young, male, upscale audience
  • 52 weeks of originals and enhanced network reality hits

360║ opportunities

  • Limitless brand enhancement opportunities:
    • Utilitarian: organic in-show product usage
    • Enhanced: custom in-show placement packages
    • Branded series: development of reality series built around a product with the advertiser's participation
  • Multimedia promotional opportunities
  • Dense, deeply developed Internet platform
  • Original series available on Hulu


Jim Tremblay
VP, Fox Cable Networks

Reality television is today's most popular genre, and Fox Reality Channel demonstrates why: It's unpredictable, inventive, accessible, broadly appealing and completely in the moment. In just a few short years, reality television has evolved from flash in the pan to a bona-fide phenomenon, delivering some of television's biggest hits and most enduring franchises. And Fox Reality Channel is ground zero.

For the first time this year, Fox Reality Channel has data to quantify its value. Nielsen has identified the network's audience: 55 percent male and 45 percent female, with a median income of $53,000.1 Simmons Behavior graphics identifies four major clusters that over-index against the total U.S. population: film fanatics, kid-focused, work-hard-play-hard and technophiles.2

Reality also ranks No. 1 in engagement—and that success is all about content. Among its 52 weeks of original programming: "American Idol Extra" gives advertisers fresh entree to the most successful show in television. "Solitary 3.0" just scored the biggest original series premiere in network history. "The Really Awards" continues to draw big numbers and generate big laughs.

Upcoming:"Househusbands of Hollywood," a gender-bend on "Real Housewives," where women are the high-powered breadwinners; the relationship twists of "Sex Decoy"; the high-stakes, handcuffed revelations of "Squad Car Confessions"; and a new reality series featuring media sensation Cindy Margolis, the Internet's most downloaded woman.

New sponsorships are also on the horizon: "The Deets" is a cobranded, short-form pop culture series featuring trivia details, or "deets," hot off the press from the New York Post's legendary Page Six column. "Did Ya Know?" is a sponsored interstitial showcasing grabby facts about today's hottest reality stars.

Reality is immediate and accessible, so it's a natural fit with the Internet. Fox Reality Channel continues to advance its Web ambitions, developing fresh content that makes it the primary destination for fans of the entire reality genre.

Sources: 1Nielsen, 4Q08-to-date (9/29/08-2/01/09),M-Su 8-11 p.m. 2Nielsen Npower (Ratings Analysis Time Period Report), 9/29/08-12/28/08.M-Su 6 p.m.-12 a.m.


American Idol Extra

Post-show interviews, background stories, behind-the-scenes footage and bonus features make this an indispensable complement to the Fox phenomenon. Features new hosts, new segments and a new twist.

Solitary 4.0

Contestants are kept in isolation pods, communicating only with an artificial intelligence named Val. The environment is controlled; the emotions aren't. Season 4 premieres in 2010.

The Academy: Orange County Fire

"The Academy" follows the intense, riveting journey of a class of recruits training for public service. In season 3, the Orange County Fire Department tests recruits hoping to protect some of the nation's most flammable and most expensive neighborhoods.

Re-Inventing Bonaduce

Last season's "Gimme My Reality Show" winner Gretchen Bonaduce will take center stage as she pursues a career in music—and tries to escape being the ex-wife of reality icon Danny Bonaduce.

Smile ... You're Under Arrest

Actors, comedy writers and the police mastermind elaborate stings to lure criminals out of hiding and bring them to justice.

The 2009 Really Awards

Fox Reality Channel's signature show. Each October, "The Really Awards" celebrates the year's most outrageous moments and most popular personalities from reality television.


Acquired series include "The Biggest Loser," "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila," "Punk'd," "American Idol," "Hell's Kitchen," "Nanny 911," "The Amazing Race," "Trading Spouses," "Beauty and the Geek" and "Kitchen Nightmares," enhanced with bonus features and updated with value-added elements.