Network profile

  • Multimedia competitive entertainment company
  • 70 million cable and satellite households (2009-10)
  • GSN Games Network attracts 30 million unique users per month4
  • Radio: Streaming and terrestrial syndication

360║ opportunities

GSN offers "Oodles of Opportunity"

GSN and the GSN Games Network provide advertisers with cross-platform integrated partnerships via:

  • Partnership programming via branded entertainment
  • Brand integration in original show franchises
  • Product placement in live programs
  • In-game integration
  • Unique tent-pole sponsorship opportunities
  • Streaming radio via provides additional exposure


John Zaccario
Senior VP-Advertising Sales

Melissa Zimmerman
VP-Marketing Solutions

There are 69 million Americans who have the "gaming gene," demonstrated by their appetite for both watching game shows on TV and playing casual games online. GSN is the destination for these fans, providing them opportunities to participate with cross-platform game content. GSN commissioned "Gaming Redefined," a qualitative research study, which showed that games satisfy a number of need states: Game show viewers have a greater openness to receiving advertising and recognize the stimulation benefit in watching game shows. They are a loyal audience—75 percent of game show viewers watch game shows seven days a week.1 Game shows provide an opportunity for co-viewing as they are family-friendly by nature.

To serve this large audience, GSN has combined its casual games business online with its TV game show business, delivering a winning combination to consumers and advertisers. The GSN Games Network reaches the largest audience of casual gamers online.2 The network aggregates the most popular titles—including Sudoku, SCRABBLE Cubes and Bejeweled—and provides a distribution platform for companions to game shows such as "Family Feud," "The Newlywed Game" and "Deal or No Deal."

GSN enables its audience to participate through the creation of its original franchises. They include "Bingo America," which has prompted more than 13 million card downloads to date; "The Newlywed Game"; "GSN Live," a programming block that drives 2.5 million contest entries per month; and "Catch 21," a game show inspired by the success of the online game.

The participatory nature of games-related programming has a benefit for advertisers. GSN partnered with NeuroFocus to learn how advertising works in the games environment. The findings: Ads are more effective within game shows and around casual games than in other genres of programming and experiences online.

Brand integration is a part of the game show legacy. GSN and Nielsen Entertainment partnered to understand the impact of brand integration within GSN programming. The results showed that brand integrations within game shows yielded higher purchase intent and brand recognition than integrations in other environments.3


Big Saturday Night is a new three-hour prime-time block of original programming with live segments from around the country. GSN will give away a total of $1 million in cash and prizes over the course of nine weeks. Shows include the high-tension, Fred Roggin-hosted "The Money List," where strangers work together to complete lists on a variety of pop culture topics and "20Q," the ultimate test of man vs. machine. The block debuts June 13.

The Game Show Awards, a prime-time extravaganza celebrating the genre, debuts June 6. Viewers can vote for their favorite nominees at The show will include tributes to Bob Barker, Mark Goodson, and Monty Hall.

Bingo America blends the classic trivia-based game show format with all the best elements of traditional bingo game-play. Hosted by Richard Karn and Diane Mizota.

The Newlywed Game is a modern remix of the classic hosted by Carnie Wilson. The bonus round now pits the newbies against a long-married "Goldywed" couple (a couple who appeared on the original version of "The Newlywed Game").

Catch 21 combines pop culture trivia with the excitement of the classic card game blackjack. With each correct trivia answer, contestants can keep the card that was given to them or pass the card off to their opponents in an attempt to force them to "bust" their hand.

GSN Live features daily live segments between noon and 6 p.m. (ET). This advertiser-friendly experience organically incorporates brands into customized on-air content.

GSN's Poker Night includes "High Stakes Poker" and "World Poker Tour," establishing GSN as the prime-time poker powerhouse.


Deal or No Deal will begin running on GSN on June 1. Hosted by Howie Mandel, the hit game show features contestants choosing among 26 briefcases containing mystery amounts of money, while dealing with "The Banker" to eliminate cases in hopes of securing the top prize of $1 million.

1 vs. 100 premieres on GSN on June 6. Hosted by Bob Saget, one contestant takes on a mob of 100 others to win $1 million.

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