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  • Top 5 in adults 25 to 54
  • Top 9 in adults 18 to 49
  • Top 10 in women 25 to 54

World's largest online science-fiction destination

  • 3.3 million unique
  • 3.8 million video streams

Source: Omniture, 2008 monthly averages.


Steve Mandala
Exec VP, Cable Entertainment Sales

Mark Miller
Senior VP, USA and SCI FI Sales

Chris Czarkowski
VP, SCI FI Sales

Nick Johnson
VP, Digital Sales

Imagination has fueled our top 5 growth and brought you greater entertainment, greater audiences and greater opportunities. And now it's powering a greater transformation.

This summer, SCI FI Channel is becoming Syfy.

The channel is already top 10 in the demos that matter most to you. In fact, we're in there twice. (No. 5 among adults 25 to 54, No. 9 with adults 18 to 49). And by adding a rich slate of original reality programming to our acclaimed scripted originals, we've become more gender-balanced than ever before; nearly half of our audience is female, and we're No. 10 in women 25 to 54. But the best is yet to come.

Powered by a broader scope of imagination-based entertainment, we're enhancing our year-round original programming and multiplatform content while growing our audience of passionate, influential consumers like never before. The Syfy imagination, built on 16 years of extraordinary success and momentum, provides limitless possibilities for growth—both for us and for you.

From anywhere you are to everywhere you want to be, the new Syfy is the place for your brand to Imagine Greater.




An epic movie event from the makers of the record-shattering "Tin Man." (New, fourth quarter '09)


The executive producers of "Battlestar Galactica" deliver a contemporary prequel that follows two rival families as they fight for power at the height of their world's golden age. (New, first quarter '10)


America's top-secret town of the world's smartest people is back for an all-new season of brilliant fun. (Third
quarter '10)


A pulse-pounding action series featuring the cutting-edge technology of Hollywood blockbusters "300" and "Sin City." (Fourth quarter '09, second quarter '10)

Stargate Universe

A new member of the "Stargate" family that features a fresh, young cast of characters and extraordinary new destinations. (New, fourth quarter '09, second quarter '10)

Warehouse 13

The kickoff event for Syfy's brand evolution, "Warehouse 13" is a new dramedy about a classified facility that houses the world's most inexplicable phenomena—and the unlikely secret agents assigned to protect them. (New, third quarter '09)


Destination Truth

Josh Gates continues his adventure in search of the world's most exotic legends. (Fourth quarter '09, third quarter '10)

Relic Quest

A tomb raider explores a forbidden underworld of mystical artifacts and renegade archeology. (New, first quarter '10)

Ghost Hunters

Fan favorites Jason and Grant star in television's most popular paranormal experience. (Fourth quarter '09 to third quarter '10)

Ghost Hunters International

The hunt for the paranormal goes global in this popular spin-off of "Ghost Hunters." (First quarter '10)

Estate of Panic

Ordinary people face their fears to find massive sums of money hidden within a booby-trapped mansion.

Scare Tactics

Hosted by Tracy Morgan, this popular hidden-camera series places unsuspecting victims in the middle of terrifying pranks.


Ghost Whisperer

A hit series about a young woman (Jennifer Love Hewitt) with an extraordinary gift who solves mysteries that help both the living and the dead move on. (Ongoing)


Syfy & Trion

Passion-driven consumers lead the creation of Syfy's next on-air hit through the world of massive, multiplayer online games (MMOGs). (New, third quarter '10)

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