TV Guide Network

Network profile

  • Median age: 441
  • Signature shows "Idol Tonight" and "Reality Chat: Idol Wrap" over-indexing prime-time viewership by 36 percent and 13 percent, respectively2
  • "Idol Stars: Where Are They Now?" special over-indexing prime-time viewership by 67 percent2
  • Top 25 for prime-time viewers per viewing household among females 18 to 493
  • Top 20 for prime-time VPVH among females 18 to 49 with kids3

360° opportunities

TV Guide Network's original programming enables advertisers to take advantage of:

  • In-show integrations
  • Segment sponsorships
  • Custom vignettes
  • Branded on-screen graphics such as snipes and pop-ups

  • Section roadblocks and/or full site takeovers
  • Red carpet and television preview sponsorships
  • Strong editorial integration
  • Standard banners and rich media executions

TV Guide on demand and broadband

  • Integrations and lower thirds
  • Pre- and mid-rolls


Richy Glassberg
Exec VP-TV Guide Media Ad Sales Group

Now under the ownership of Lionsgate—one of the world's leading next-generation studios and the largest independent supplier of cable programming—TV Guide Network is even more strongly positioned in the entertainment landscape. Reaching 83 million homes, TV Guide Network offers advertisers integrated opportunities to reach consumers across multiple platforms, including, the Web's only one-stop entertainment destination for online video, news, listings and community.

Continuing its focus and commitment to entertainment programming, TV Guide Network covers the biggest news, events and stars shaping Hollywood today. Every year, TV Guide Network celebrates TV's most glamorous events with live coverage during the awards season. TV Guide Network is front and center at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, Oscars and Emmys, featuring red carpet interviews with the hottest stars of film, TV and music.

TV Guide Network also extends the red carpet to covering TV's biggest shows. "Idol Tonight," TV Guide Network's exclusive preshow for "American Idol," is hosted by former "Idol" finalists Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini. Each week, viewers tune in to "Idol Tonight" for interviews with current season contestants, fan reaction and exclusive, never-before-seen footage right from the doorstep of "American Idol." Kimberly and Justin also host TV Guide Network's "Reality Chat: Idol Wrap," a weekly, in-studio talk series dedicated to the show. TV Guide Network is also the home to "American Idol Rewind," a syndicated television series featuring audition footage, performances and present-day interviews with contestants from past seasons of "American Idol."

In addition, TV Guide Network brings entertainment fans coverage of the most buzzed-about movies of the season. "Big Movie Premiere" one-hour specials are dedicated to the most-anticipated releases at the box office. "Big Movie Premiere" gives fans sneak-peek coverage of a movie's premiere, interviews with the stars and other, behind-the-scenes moments.



Red carpet coverage—the glitz, glamour, celebrity and couture—it's all here and live at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, Academy Awards and Emmys.


The exclusive preshow to "American Idol" is hosted by former finalists Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell. "Idol Tonight" features interviews with current-season contestants and reaction from the fans—right at the doorstep of "American Idol."


Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini host a weekly talk series dedicated to "American Idol," featuring in-studio interviews with former contestants and a look back at the week's performances.


Revisit past seasons of "American Idol" with a look at how America's biggest TV phenomenon began. "American Idol Rewind" features auditions and performances from past seasons, present-day interviews with past contestants and exclusive, never-before-seen footage from the show.


A top team of makeover experts makes dreams come true when it turns everyday people into their favorite stars.


A preview of the most anticipated movies of the season featuring red carpet interviews with a film's stars, plus clips and making-of footage.


Hosts Chris Harrison and Madison Michele keep viewers informed with a one-hour entertainment news magazine program covering the latest stories in television, film and music.


Every week, host Lisa Joyner takes fans on-set and behind the scenes to reveal secrets about their favorite TV shows and characters.


This weekly talk series covers the biggest shows exploding on the scene of reality television today.

(All programs reach viewers 18 to 49)

Sources: 1Nielsen N Power, 1Q09, P2+, total day 6 a.m.-6 a.m. 2Nielsen Explorer, 1Q09 prime-time premieres vs. 1Q09 prime-time average. Prime time=M-Su 7 p.m.-12 a.m. 3Nielsen MarketBreaks, 4Q08 prime time (M-Su 7 p.m.-12 a.m.). All adult-targeted ad-supported cable.