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  • BIO is in 54 million homes (as of April 2009)
  • First quarter 2009 was BIO's best quarter ever among adults 25 to 543
  • Adult 25-to-54 viewership is up 15 percent in first quarter 2009 vs. first quarter 20084
  • Original series "I Survived" is the No. 1 Bio series of all time. Season 2 of "I Survived" grew 15 percent in women 25 to 54 over the first season.5
  • Best March traffic on record for most popular pages are Barack Obama, Black History Month and The Chris Isaak Hour.6 is a unique destination that provides a deeper dive for our on-air audience and is a trustworthy, engaging resource for those searching for information on celebrities, history makers and other people—factual or fictional—who have shaped our world and culture. With our extensive video library, casual games and original Web features such as "Born on This Day," provides a quality environment for our advertising partners' brands.

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Peter Olsen
Senior VP-Advertising Sales

At BIO, we prove that the truth about people is always more entertaining than fiction. BIO is about real people and their real lives: up close and personal, unexpected and provocative.

Now available in more than 53 million homes, BIO has dedicated major investments to expanding original programming, helping to sustain BIO as one of the fastest-growing cable networks. Last year's debuts of the channel's most popular series "I Survived..." and "Shatner's Raw Nerve," as well as the recent "Chris Isaak Hour," exemplify the network's commitment to developing "buzzworthy" original content.

BIO continues to be the exclusive home to the Emmy Award-winning "Biography" series, with upcoming subjects Bruce Springsteen, Sean Penn and Chevy Chase, among others, and marquee original specials, including the upcoming "The Tragic Side of Comedy," "Caddyshack: The Inside Story" and "Jaws: The Inside Story."

BIO has grown in prime time in total viewers, adults 18 to 49 and adults 25 to 54, every year since it became rated by Nielsen Co. in 2004.1 Since 2007, when BIO updated its image with a new on-air look, logo and tagline, the channel has been up a whopping 94 percent among adults 25 to 54 and up 90 percent among adults 18 to 49.2 In addition, BIO's median viewer age has dropped five years since 2007.

BIO original series uncover the real drama in people's stories. Whether it is celebrities going off script, everyday people and situations with a twist or paranormal searches for the truth, BIO is completely unfiltered. True story.



Shatner's Raw Nerve

William Shatner's unique take on A-list interviews. Every week he will tease, cajole and search guests, looking to hit that raw nerve.

The Chris Isaak Hour

Major music stars join Chris to tell stories, play songs and share their musical roots.

I Survived

"I Survived..." explores first-person accounts of extraordinary true-life tales of those who found the strength and courage to endure when faced with unforeseen life-threatening situations in their daily lives.


Our Emmy Award-winning original series continues, this season premiering even more in-depth profiles of exceptional people—from political figures to entertainers—whose lives and times stir our imaginations.


The Tragic Side of Comedy

This two-hour Biography event looks at the fantastic rises and fatal descents of such stars as John Belushi, Chris Farley and Phil Hartman, uncovering the reasons that the gift of laughter often comes with such a steep price tag.

Caddyshack: The Inside Story

This two-hour special goes inside the wild ride that was the making of this film, getting the story straight from those who were there: the producers, the stars and the director, Harold Ramis.

Jaws: The Inside Story

In the summer of 1975, terror gripped the nation as a 25-foot great white shark captured the world and "Jaws" made sure nobody ever again felt safe going into the water. This two-hour special will celebrate this classic, looking back at the movie's origins, the adaptation of an enormous bestseller as the first real summer movie blockbuster and how Steven Spielberg became a superstar.

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