The Hub

Network Profile

  • Launch date: 10/10/10
  • 24-hour network
  • Household distribution: 60 million
  • Original programming based on brands kids love
  • Daypart schedule features distinct programming blocks connecting with kids 6 to 12, kids 2 to 5 and a prime-time block designed for the whole family to enjoy together.
  • Destination viewing with programming strips/ad blocks

Integrated Media Opportunities

  • In-school
  • Off-channel media
  • Online (
  • Public relations
  • Social media


Brooke Goldstein
Senior VP-Advertising Sales

The Hub, launching 10/10/10, is a new network for kids and families where great things come together! Leveraging the strong DNA of its two parent companies, Discovery Communications and Hasbro, The Hub will present programming that seamlessly blends play with curiosity. Featuring original animation, live-action series, game shows and specials, as well as extensive programming from leading third-party producers, The Hub's programming will entertain, enlighten, empower and educate kids and families.

Divided into dayparts, The Hub's programming schedule is designed to address the viewing needs of the entire family. Mornings on The Hub are all about the HubBub block, developed to spark preschooler imaginations and make learning fun. Afternoons and early evenings are Kid's Prime, attracting kids 6 to 12 with clever stories, multidimensional characters and unexpected heroes. Prime-time programming will showcase original and acquired series as well as movies selected for the whole family to enjoy.

The Hub's content will also extend online at, an integrated entertainment destination for kids and their families, building deep engagement with the network's series through compelling video content, world-class games and kid-friendly social media.

The Hub will also offer advertisers unique opportunities to connect with consumers through innovative promotions and sponsorships.

The Hub will debut 10/10/10 in more than 60 million U.S. households on what is currently the Discovery Kids channel.


Cosmic Quantum Ray: Robbie Shipton is a "normal" teenager who lives a double life as Earth's representative to Team Quantum, an elite team of intergalactic heroes that saves the universe daily. This out-of-this-world series also provides a 60-second "Science Fact-tion" segment, providing the audience with an explanation of the quantum physics depicted in each episode.

Family Game Night: An original game show where kids and adults play for points and prizes as teams. Within each hour-long episode, families play a variety of classic Hasbro games, challenging both contestants and viewers with strategy, creativity and pure luck.

Fraggle Rock: Hidden under the home of a wily inventor named Doc and his dog, Sprocket, is a place called Fraggle Rock, a world of brightly lit caves where the Fraggles live. While the Fraggles spend their days laughing, singing and playing, they also face thrilling adventures as they learn to coexist with other forms of life in this landmark series from Jim Henson.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Emmy-winner Lauren Faust ("The Powerpuff Girls," "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends") presents a unique peek into the magical world of Equestria, where "Twilight Sparkle," a unicorn pony with a talent for magic spells, coexists with her pony friends. Each episode follows "Twilight Sparkle" and pals as they embark on wondrous adventures.

Transformers: Prime: Show-runners Jeff Kline ("Ghostbusters," "Dragon Tales"), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci ("Transformers," "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," "Star Trek") continue the saga as "Optimus Prime" and the "Autobots" battle the evil "Decepticons," led by "Megatron." This fall, viewers will experience the world of "Transformers" like never before.

The WotWots: From the creative minds of the Academy Award-winning Weta Workshop ("Lord of the Rings," "Jane and the Dragon"), "The WotWots" is a series celebrating the joy of discovery and the strange and extraordinary diversity of life on planet Earth, as seen through the innocent eyes of SpottyWot and DottyWot. Premiering in The Hub's preschool block, HubBub.