NCM Media Networks

Network Profile

  • 17,000 screens nationwide4
  • Nearly 700 million annual attendance1
  • Large multiplexes averaging more than 10 screens
  • National coverage
  • 87 percent of admissions in A/B counties5
  • 69 percent market share in Top 10 DMAs6
  • Median household income is $77,2007
  • Fully engaged audiences with no DVRs or distractions
  • High index of light TV viewers7
  • Geo-targeting capabilities

Integrated Media Opportunities

NCM has created a fully integrated marketing platform by offering branding opportunities within its FirstLook preshow, in lobbies, online at, via its mobile network and through social media outreach.




Bennett Fogel
Senior VP-Sales Development & Integrated Marketing

NCM Media Networks is a multimedia company that can uniquely reach moviegoers with powerful brand messaging before, during and after their moviegoing experiences. NCM's networks offer national reach and targeted access to moviegoers via its Cinema Network, Interactive Network and Fathom.

A joint venture among the three largest U.S. theater chains—AMC Entertainment, Cinemark Holdings and Regal Entertainment Group, and other leading regional theater circuits—NCM reaches almost 700 million moviegoers each year1 and offers 360 lobby promotional platforms for brand messaging.

NCM's Cinema Network features its FirstLook preshow, the largest multicast, HD and 3D-capable cinema preshow,2 and features exclusive content from media partners as well as national and local advertising opportunities.

NCM's Interactive Network combines the power of the Internet and the mobile space with the largest portfolio of moviegoer Web sites,3 a destination site (, along with texting (SMS, MMS) and smartphone applications to engage consumers at every step of the moviegoing experience. NCM's Fathom division also extends its platform of cinema-based marketing by bringing live simulcasts of music, sports and entertainment events, as well as private screenings and corporate events, to local theaters.


NCM offers integrated opportunities to reach patrons at every step of the movie-going experience:


Reach millions of moviegoers as they move through NCM's high-traffic lobbies with multiple touch points to get your brand's message into their hands. Interactive technologies, ticket-back promotions, texting capabilities, branded posters, concessions and danglers ensure that your brand stands at the forefront of innovation.


NCM offers an unparalleled experience on a 40-foot HD screen in surround sound, free of distractions. Studies show that TV creative shown on the big screen provides higher brand and message recall, as well as double the intent to purchase.8


NCM has the largest portfolio of sites reaching moviegoers.3 The NCM Interactive Network offers digital integrated marketing opportunities both online and for mobile. Comprised of 40 hand-selected, movie and entertainment Web sites, the NCM Portfolio of Sites allows clients to reach more than 41 million monthly entertainment unique viewers. NCM's strong publishing partner relationships not only provide advertisers with standard IAB inventory but also access to premium network and site placement, custom ad units and exclusive movie content sponsorships. Additionally, the NCM Mobile Network features creative mobile applications with innovative ways for audiences to interact with and share entertainment content via texting (SMS, MMS) and multiplatform smartphone applications before and after the movie.

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