Network Profile2

  • No. 1 fastest-growing women's network
  • Youngest, most upscale women's network
  • No. 1 most influential network
  • No. 1 network for moms 18 to 49
  • Ranks No. 3 in all cable for working women
  • First quarter 2010 was Oxygen's:
    • Best and youngest quarter ever—median
      age 38
    • Highest ranking—No. 18 in women 18 to 34
  • Oxygen is in 76 million homes

Integrated Media Opportunities

Oxygen engages Generation O across all platforms, 24/7! Oxygen-Live is an award-winning, interactive, two-screen experience that's garnered over 12 million page views since its launch.3 Oxygen.com gives fans exclusive Bonus Act videos, photo galleries, blogs and more, and mobile offerings include fan clubs and special mobile-only content on wap.oxygen.com.



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Lisette Costa


Beth Mayry

Oxygen is the only place to reach Generation O—trenders, spenders and recommenders with the influence and spending power to amplify your brand message and drive ROI.

Thanks to this loyal audience,Oxygen is the No. 1 youngest, most upscale and fastest-growing women's network. 2010 has been our most successful year yet with 17 telecasts hitting 1 million-plus viewers and nine hitting 2 million-plus.1


Young, educated and in transition, Generation O viewers are cable's most acquisitive consumers because of their stage of life—moving from one phase of post-college to a more adult life.

These are the women buying cars, upgrading furniture and looking to buy their first house, and they're talking to their friends about all the things they love.

When advertisers buy Oxygen, they're buying valuable consumers with the capacity to not only buy their products but also be a mouthpiece for their brand message.

Trender: She tries new products and is open to new messages.
Spender: She buys big and makes the decisions.
Recommender: She indexes high for word-of-mouth.



Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood: The season five premiere was the most-watched premiere ever in key demos4 and kicked off a second night of Oxygen originals. This time the "celebrities next door" are taking viewers for a ride—packing up the kids and heading across the U.S. on their first family road trip.

Jersey Couture: Meet New Jersey's first family of fashion led by two sisters who really know how to make it work. One's a pussycat, the other's a pit bull; and together they run a multimillion-dollar dress shop. In this place, drama's always in store.

Dance Your A** Off: Last season's most-talked-about series ("Reunion Part 2" broke 2 million 18-to-49 viewers and nearly 3 million people 2+5) returns, this time with new host Mel B, celebrity guest judges and a new level of competition.

Hair Battle Spectacular: Ten extreme stylists; one blow-out competition. Brooke Burns hosts as the world's hottest, most extreme, fantasy hair stylists face off against one another in a hair competition like no other.

Russell Simmons Project: Meet the women behind the mega-mogul. What's the secret to iconic entrepreneur Russell Simmons' success? He's got impeccable taste in women—especially the exceptional team he trusts to run his businesses (and his life).

Tori & Dean Weddings: Real-life weddings, celebrity style. In this so-new extension of Oxygen's record-setting franchise, Hollywood's happily-ever-after duo helps real-life couples plan fairy-tale weddings of their own.

America's Next Top Model: Obsessed: Fashion-obsessed fans love to watch model-mogul Tyra Banks help women live their dreams of makin' it on the runway. So Oxygen delivers all-day weekend marathons, with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and gives viewers the chance to tweet, text and chat about their favorite models and moments.

BGC: Hot on the heels of a record-shattering fourth season (more than 2 million viewers and 1 million adults 18 to 496), the smash series returns with a brand new crew and a setting that's hotter than ever: Miami Beach.

Love Games: Three girls compete for love—while 13 guys compete for them. Oxygen jumps into the dating pool with a new take on singles looking for love. The show's debut was Oxygen's highest-rated and most-watched series premiere among all key demos.7

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