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  • BIO is in 59 million homes (as of April 2010).1
  • First quarter 2010 was BIO's most-watched quarter ever among adults 18 to 49 and 25 to 54.2
  • Adult 18-to-34 viewership was up 20 percent in first quarter 2010 vs. first quarter 2009.3
  • Original series "I Survived..." and "Celebrity Ghost Stories" boosted adult 25-to-54 viewership in first quarter 2010 Sunday prime time by double digits vs. first quarter 2009.4
  • Traffic on grew 19 percent in March 2010 vs. March 2009.
  • Among the top sites were Black History Month programming, "Notorious" and "I Survived... ."5

Integrated Media Opportunities is a unique destination that provides a deeper dive for BIO's TV audience and is a trustworthy, engaging resource for those searching for information on celebrities, history makers and other people—historical or fictional—who have shaped the world and its cultures. With its extensive video library, casual games and original Web features such as "Born on This Day," provides a quality environment for its advertising partners' brands.

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  • Custom-developed Web features and video
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Peter Olsen
Senior VP-Advertising Sales

BIO proves that the truth about people is always more entertaining than fiction. BIO is about real people and their real lives: up close and personal, unexpected and provocative.

Now available in 59 million homes, BIO has dedicated major investments to expanding original programming, helping to sustain BIO as one of the fastest-growing cable networks. Last year's launch of the channel's popular new series "Celebrity Ghost Stories," added to new seasons of the network's returning hits "I Survived..." and "Shatner's Raw Nerve," exemplify the network's commitment to developing buzzworthy original content. Coming soon, another new original series from the man behind "Shatner's Raw Nerve," "Aftermath With William Shatner," joins the BIO prime-time lineup.

BIO continues to be the exclusive home to the Emmy Award-winning "Biography" series with upcoming subjects Brad Pitt, Ellen DeGeneres, Vanessa Williams, Ed O'Neill, Pink and Black Sabbath, among others, plus in-depth, two-hour specials on iconic entertainment and music legends John Belushi and Jimi Hendrix as well as the original film "Ray Charles' America."

New marquee original specials in the continuing "The Inside Story" franchise will explore the behind-the-scenes stories of pop culture film classics, featuring candid and revealing interviews with casts and creators. Upcoming titles in 2010-11 include "Jaws," "Silence of the Lambs" and the "Halloween" movie franchise.

BIO original series uncover the real drama in people's stories. Whether it is celebrities going off-script, everyday people in situations with a twist or paranormal searches for the truth, BIO is completely unfiltered: True Story.



Aftermath With William Shatner (New Series): This documentary series will feature two-time Emmy Award-winner William Shatner as he examines the most dramatic events that captivated the nation—events that took people's private lives and made them national news overnight—and sits down with the people behind the headlines to explore how their lives were changed forever. Were their 15 minutes what they thought they would be? What are they doing today? Shatner plans to find out.

I Survived...: "I Survived..." explores first-person accounts of extraordinary true-life tales of those who found the strength and courage to endure when faced with unforeseen, life-threatening situations.

Celebrity Ghost Stories: "Celebrity Ghost Stories" explores the paranormal world through the deeply personal stories of everyone's favorite stars. Each episode features firsthand accounts of celebrities' real-life encounters with the paranormal, from deeply emotional and revealing encounters with departed loved ones to run-ins with angry spirits in haunted spaces.

Biography: BIO's Emmy Award-winning original series continues, this season premiering even more in-depth profiles of exceptional people, from political figures to entertainers, whose lives and times stir the imagination.


Halloween: The Inside Story: "Halloween: The Inside Story" takes a look at one of the most successful film franchises of all time as it goes behind the scenes of John Carpenter's "Halloween," the "frightfest" that redefined the horror genre in the late 1970s. Viewers will learn how writer and director John Carpenter made movie magic on a shoestring budget and how the costume department created one of the most iconic horror villains in movie history by spray-painting a mask of Captain Kirk. It's an inside look at Michael Myers and the Halloween terror he unleashes on the poor teenagers of Haddonfield, Ill.

The Silence of the Lambs: The Inside Story: BIO goes behind the scenes of the movie that almost went straight to video, but instead turned into a cult classic thriller and winner of five Academy awards. This special will uncover the making of the film that brought movie-goers the story of a brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer, and they'll learn who was originally offered the part of young FBI trainee Clarice Starling that Jodie Foster ended up with.

Biography: John Belushi: BIO chronicles John Belushi's mercurial career and personal life in this two-hour special. In collaboration with John's widow, Judy Belushi, "Biography" will show personal home videos and never-before-seen footage and photographs. It'll trace his career, from his early beginnings at the Second City to his groundbreaking stint on "Saturday Night Live," and highlight John's most memorable roles, from "Animal House" to "The Blues Brothers" and his last performance in "Continental Divide." It will also feature interviews with fellow comedians and actors who have been inspired by the late star and relive the sketches that made John a legend.

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