Comcast Spotlight

Company Profile

Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, puts the power of on-air, online and on-demand media to use for local, regional and national advertisers. It is focused on moving the advertising industry forward with advanced technologies to reach, engage and connect with audiences. Comcast Spotlight offers advertisers leading-edge applications that leverage the investment in advancements Comcast is making with new products and services.

Integrated media opportunities

We get the right message to the right audience at the right time across multiple platforms.

On-air: TV advertising marries targeted marketing with innovative technologies to help advertisers strengthen their brands in markets that matter most.

Online: Well-positioned banner ads, text links and in-banner video opportunities make it easy for advertisers to reach their target audiences and make their brands stand out online in a clutter-free environment.

On-demand: We take an advertiser's messaging and transform it into compelling, easily accessible content that attracts active consumers.

Interactive television (iTV): By utilizing interactive technologies, advertisers can lead viewers into significant, qualified engagement with their brands.


Comcast Spotlight

With a presence in more than 80 markets reaching approximately 30 million homes (Comcast subscribers and subscribers of cable, telco and satellite providers), Comcast Spotlight offers advertisers advanced technologies and innovative products that reach millions of qualified consumers to enable deeper brand engagements.

We've created a local media marketplace where large and small advertisers can leverage the latest message-delivery technologies, marketing intelligence and innovative promotional opportunities. This approach—and the infrastructure behind it—allows us to create customized, compelling solutions for each advertiser.

Today's reality is that we're far more than spot cable. We're the premiere local media consultants—the champion of local media possibilities. We have broader local reach with the combination of cable, satellite and telco customers; we have industry-leading audience segmentation capabilities; our in-depth research capabilities deliver actionable insights; and we have innovative new digital products that provide new levels of engagement.

We're part of one of the largest and most innovative media companies in the world, Comcast-NBCUniversal. Our company is leveraging technology in exciting new ways to reshape how viewers consume media and advertisers connect with consumers, and this expanded consumer experience offers more opportunities for advertisers to connect with their target audiences.


Audiences fragmented—first across networks, then platforms. We're the experts in fragmentation: We know it, we live it, and we love it. Comcast Spotlight reassembles fragmented audiences across channels and platforms to deliver client-specific solutions to reach high-value consumers.

I+: I+ enables advertisers to place their TV spots on leading ad-supported television networks available to customers of Comcast's XFINITY, Verizon's FiOS, AT&T U-verse TV and DIRECTV's television services in 33 Comcast Spotlight markets. This lets advertisers reach more consumers watching cable programming in major TV markets across cable, satellite and telco homes.

While we are expanding local market reach, we continue to offer the most advanced tools to help advertisers assemble fragmented audiences within their markets—whether they're looking to reach more eyeballs or just the right set of eyeballs. Local market advertising will never be the same.

Single-market advertising: Comcast Spotlight can help build brands by concentrating messaging in a specific local market.

Multimarket advertising: Comcast Spotlight can also put together a customized advertising package that meets an advertiser's marketing objectives across multiple markets.