Company Profile

NCC delivers more consumers to advertisers in every U.S. market.Via commercial insertability in up to 60 cable networks and through SMART Buy, NCC can provide agencies with greater "consumer density" in their spot TV investments. Evaluating traditional demo GRPs side by side with consumer GRPs clearly shows that the incorporation of more cable into virtually any local or national spot media plan delivers a marketer's message to more consumers more effectively.

Integrated media opportunities

NCC has the unrivaled ability to target consumers locally by geography, consumer profile, ethnicity and many more qualitative characteristics. Furthermore, NCC can integrate video on demand, interactive TV, online advertising, mobile, console gaming (Xbox Live) and other digital media into multimarket plans that target marketers' best consumer prospects in the new digital living room. NCC Digital Media delivers your brand's message to engaged, qualified consumers in their favorite online and interactive environments.


Andrew Capone
Senior VP-Marketing & Business Development

Lori Givens
Senior Director, Sales Promotions & Corporate Communications

NCC Media represents national spot ad sales for virtually every cable, satellite and telco programming distributor in all 210 U.S. markets, now reaching well more than 80 million multichannel households. NCC is owned by America's leading cable operators, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Media.

Last year, NCC announced the launch of I+, a breakthrough ad platform providing advertising agencies with turnkey access to significantly increased penetration and audiences in major markets across local cable, satellite and telco homes.

NCC connects advertisers to consumers in the best programming on television: cable programming. As multichannel providers deepen their connection with subscribers, NCC turns its technical and creative innovations into advertising opportunities. Important trends in TV programming, audience migration and digital media products will affect how advertisers plan and buy television in the future.

To maximize the value of advertisers' investments, NCC has developed SMART Plan and SMART Buy. These free consultative resources—using Nielsen MarketBreaks, Prizm, Scarborough, MRI and other respected research products—provide ad agency clients with a multilayered view of what consumers are watching, what digital media they favor and how to best target them across television, on-demand and online products.


Network and programming choice is what makes NCC's offering adaptable and smart for advertisers. Cable buys can be customized turnkey across up to 60 different networks to meet regional and local market audiences and goals.

Entertainment: Imagine being able to buy across all the cable networks' drama, information, reality and comedy offerings in a single buy, just where you need to. That's what you can do via NCC, enabling massive reach in your choice of programming in your most important markets.

News and information: All the national cable networks, such as CNN, combined with hyper-targeted local news channels, such as NY1 and News 12, give NCC the best lineup of local news audiences in every market.

Sports: There are watercooler sports events in every market. NCC offers virtually every national and regional sports network delivered by cable and satellite, with the ability to deliver massive in-market ratings for hundreds of home team games and events.

Multicultural: NCC connects brands to those cable systems within a market that have the highest concentration of multicultural homes, driving the message to consumers with pinpoint accuracy.