Integrated Media Guide 2009

Ad Age Integrated Media Guide
The Integrated Media Guide is designed for you to use and share with others in your company as you strategize and plan throughout the year

  • Integrating Big Ideas

    Marketers look for sophisticated tie-ins

    Media properties no longer exist in just one space, so increasingly it takes a big idea to truly engage advertisers.

  • Owning the Property

    Exclusivity puts marketers on top

    Marketers are working with media companies to "own" a property through integrated, multiplatform deals.

  • NASCAR: Driving Social Media

    New options put brand in the driver's seat

    Amid growing media fragmentation, NASCAR remains a solid example of an integrated marketing vehicle for consumer brands.

  • Magazine of the Future

    Using new formats while keeping the brand

    Magazines are looking to create content for passionate audiences—and their advertisers—regardless of the format it's presented in.

  • Multiplatform News

    Reaching audiences wherever they are

    News organizations are going beyond traditional media platforms to provide the latest headlines to their on-the-go audiences.

  • CNN
  • FEARnet
  • The Economist Group