Today's trendsetters are also today's digital leaders. In this series, which profiles some of the industry's most visionary digital executives, watch and read about how agency and brand leaders are pushing the boundaries in digital marketing. You’ll learn about what makes them successful, the tools and resources they count on, what inspires them and what they think the future of digital advertising will hold.

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to Digital Success

Global ad spend is at an all-time high, and it’s no surprise that digital is growing far faster than traditional advertising channels. In this area, programmatic is rapidly taking up more and more of the pie, as eMarketer forecasts it will account for 29% of total U.S. digital display spend by 2017—and is significantly changing how marketers plan, buy and measure ad campaigns.

Given the rapid pace of innovation and the highly technical nature of the latest advancements in digital marketing, marketers must have a deep knowledge of their potential prospects and the channels used to reach them.

In this section learn about the latest trends in display advertising and real-time bidding and how they can help you redefine your own marketing efforts.

When Clicks are Not Enough

Only 16% of people click on display ads each month, which means 84% percent are using other methods to find their way to potential purchase partners. This Quantcast white paper, “Display Ad Clickers Are Not Your Customers,” explains why many display ad campaigns focus on the wrong things and how to best optimize for conversion.

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What’s Driving Ad Effectiveness?

If you’re like many advertisers, you may feel like you’re in data overload. There are so many metrics available, it may seem overwhelming to figure out which ones should inform your next ad buy. In this Quantcast infographic, learn about the seven questions that advertisers should be asking about their own campaigns to help determine ad effectiveness.

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Real-Time Bidding: A Step-by-Step Guide

Improving your display advertising strategy isn’t as difficult as it may seem. In this guide, “The Quantcast Display Play-by-Play: Unlocking the Value of Display Advertising,” learn why display advertising is still a solid option for advertisers, which metrics you’ll need to consider when making a purchase and how to measure and evaluate campaigns for better end results.

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Beyond the Last Touch

Attribution is a statistical method that assigns credit for conversion to different digital touch points or channels along the conversion path. Attribution is essential in figuring out whyit’s imperative to figure out which elements are most important to your brand and which ones will help close the deal. Read this white paper, “Beyond Last Touch: Understanding Campaign Effectiveness,” to understand how to use attribution in your day-to-day display ad campaigns.

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