Mobile Myths Debunked

Blackberry Is Not Dead, Steve Jobs Isn't King of Handsets, and Other Conventional Wisdom You Should Reconsider

We're in the midst of a mobile hype cycle perhaps equaled only by the dot-com frenzy of years past. And whenever there's hype, misconceptions aren't far behind. Here's a look at four of them.


Why Mobile Ad Networks Are on Cusp of Change

Apple and Google Steal Attention, but a Slew of Independents Are Jostling for Position

Driven by the iPhone, Android and an onrush of device competitors, the mobile-ad-network market is both booming and trying to figure out its next step forward.


How the IAd Gave Mobile Marketing Needed Shot in Arm

Apple Effect May Have Helped Change Game, but Analysts Agree It's Still Anybody's Win

When Steve Jobs introduced Apple's very own mobile ad unit, the iAd, the mobile ad industry arguably got its highest-profile endorsement to date.


Count on Mobile to Be Part of Everything Google Does

Google VP Omar Hamoui Says Apple Didn't Invent Good Mobile Creative, They Just Marketed It Better

Ad Age checked in with Omar Hamoui, Google VP-product management, to see where he thinks mobile marketing is headed.


What's a Phone Good for Around the World?

From Middle East to Latin America, How Mobile Is Being Used

Mobile phones are fast becoming multimedia devices, good not just for surfing the web but also for playing games and watching TV.


New Mobile Possibilities Force Marketers to Check Into Local

Location-Based Services Provide Digital Tools That Drive Consumers to the Point of Sale

While it remains elusive and unrealized for advertising, from the perspective of consumer behavior, "local" has been the most important but least understood phenomenon online.


What's in Your Mobile Wallet? Not Much for U.S. Shoppers

Tech and Infrastructure Hurdles Stifle American Advancement in Contactless Payment

The next mobile frontier will find smartphones taking the lead at registers. But right now in the U.S., this is still far off.