See to view AOL's full slate, including:

  • "Huffington Post Streaming Network," a real-time, never-ending talk show
  • "Tiger Beat Entertainment," a youth culture talk show executive produced by Jennifer Lopez
  • "How Nina Got My Groove Back," a style makeover show hosted by Nina Garcia


  • 186 million-plus unique views
  • 57 million-plus unique views for online video
  • 91 percent reach among moms
  • No. 1 video provider of premium content in seven verticals, including Auto, Fashion and Tech


  • Distribution through AOL's IAB Rising Star Pictela and Devil ad units, which outperform display by seven times
  • Distribution across video, mobile, tablet and OTT experiences


The digital landscape is at a major inflection point. AOL, together with its peers in the industry, offered perspective on this critical moment during last month's NewFronts.

There are three key reasons why this moment is so significant for AOL:

  • The audience for premium video across AOL is now 57 million uniques (per com-Score). Across major demographic targets, AOL is able to deliver audiences comparable to top-tier cable networks.
  • AOL's longstanding focus on content benefits its approach to video. Whether it's an AOL original produced in our studios, a collaboration with Emmy- and Academy award-winning talent or premium video AOL distributes for pre-eminent media companies, all AOL video is high-quality.
  • Digital is a powerful complement to television strategies, offering targeting and interactivity. But more important, online video offers an effective means of gaining incremental reach. And given AOL's recent partnership with Nielsen for OCR, it is increasingly possible to make objective comparisons between these media.

On April 24, AOL hosted a unique NewFront experience to showcase new programs and products. AOL believes in brands—from AOL to Moviefone to the Huffington Post to MapQuest to Tech-Crunch to Engadget—because consumers crave a programmed, curated experience.

Most of AOL's announcements focused on videocentric programming, which has always been at the heart of the company's approach. From Nina Garcia to Biz Stone to Heidi Klum to Jennifer Lopez to Vuguru, AOL collaborates with incredible partners who help shape powerful consumer experiences.

AOL also showcased cross-platform brand experiences, such as the mobile-first debut of Huffington, a beautifully designed magazine for the iPad from the Pulitzer Prize-winning Huffington Post.

The event culminated with the launch of AOL's new video experience, the AOL On Network. As Tim Armstrong said, "The Internet needs to be programmed," and AOL On delivers curated content across 14 premium channels of video. AOL's distinct point of view is shaped by important voices—from fashion designer Rachel Roy to chef Sam Talbot, celebrities and influencers curate their own video playlists. AOL On promises the highest-quality video on every topic, on every page, on every screen.

With these exciting new programs and developments, AOL looks forward to working with marketers and agencies to move their brands forward in highly creative ways.