POPSUGAR and POPSUGAR TV create and curate original online and video content for women 18 to 40. Original series, daily shows, commerce integrations and unique Live! Coverage is produced from its headquarters and TV studios in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and London.


28 million monthly global unique viewers


POPSUGAR features the most beautiful, social and engaging online experiences by leveraging its own proprietary technology and APIs from the most innovative players.


POPSUGAR is the leader in original online and video content, delivering premium editorial and shopping experiences with a robust social community for women everywhere.


Kristine Shine
Chief Revenue Officer

With unparalleled, up-to-the-minute online and video content, POPSUGAR is a thriving commerce, content and technology company. POPSUGAR editors give culturally connected women ages 18 to 40 personalized insider access to more than 12 categories targeted at women's passion points, including entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness and shopping. With original-content video series, live event coverage, shopping experiences and one-on-one celebrity and expert interviews, POPSUGAR's unique voice resonates loud and clear with its audience.

POPSUGAR is always looking to create new experiences that elevate its brand in culturally relevant and authentic ways. POPSUGAR remains committed to developing environments and experiences that extend the brand while still maintaining integrity and a respected voice in the marketplace, especially as new channels emerge.

Recently, POPSUGAR introduced an Instagram unit that allows advertisers to access feeds of photos in ads and play games with them. Its engineers also launched a Pinterest unit, which lets advertisers run a real-time feed of their Pinterest boards. Additionally, POPSUGAR continues to create even more superpremium experiences in display, shopping and browsing.

POPSUGAR also creates exceptional branded content, custom solutions and exclusive content created for its sponsors and distributed across display and video, mobile and desktop, owned and network participants.

POPSUGAR is a leading global lifestyle brand for women to discover, be entertained and connect online, drawing more than 28 million monthly unique viewers globally.

With more than 50 new posts each day, written in blog format by in-house editors, there's never a shortage of fresh content. There's something new to share seven times a day with 30 million views every month from the website, mobile, apps and partner sites such as Hulu and YouTube.