Yahoo! offers its users premium content experiences across screens at scale. Advertisers can benefit in the following ways:

  • "Share of voice" buying to targeted audiences: Advertisers are able to buy ad spots across all shows within an entire slate of programming, putting advertisers directly in touch with the specific target audiences they need.
  • Branded content: Yahoo! partners with marketers to develop custom programs and branded creative executions that engage users and build brand affinity.
  • Attracting audiences with premium video: Yahoo! Screen provides consumers with the broadest array of premium video content on the Web, where advertisers can reach a massive, diverse audience with innovative ad formats that drive deeper engagement across screens.

It happens on Yahoo!


Andrew Snyder
VP-Content Solution Sales

Yahoo! Inc. is the premiere digital media company, delivering premium content experiences across screens at scale. Yahoo! reaches 712 million users globally (175 million in the U.S.) every month, according to comScore.

Why is Yahoo! participating in the Digital NewFront?

Yahoo! has set the bar among publishers for creating original video content at scale featuring today's top talent. Arguably the fifth network, Yahoo! has gone beyond just the digital play and works with advertisers to program around major global events.

Digital NewFront gives Yahoo! the opportunity to showcase its one-of-a-kind slate of online programming. The lineup includes exciting new projects, such as the first Web-only motion picture release, "Cybergeddon," running as a new series by Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of the famed "CSI" franchise.

Yahoo! announced a new slate of programming targeted to men to launch in summer 2012, and also revealed more about the Yahoo! Women's Slate, originally announced last October, as well as the Yahoo! Comedy Channel, which kicked off in March with Bill Maher's "Crazy Stupid Politics."

"What's really compelling about Yahoo!'s lineup," says Mickie Rosen, Yahoo! senior VP-media networks, "is that it's not only prime-time-quality content but [it] offers all the interactivity and social sharing capabilities across screens that people expect from the Web. That's a win for advertisers as well as for viewers."

What does Yahoo! offer to advertisers?

Delivering a premium experience is at the core of everything Yahoo! does. Here are a few examples:

  • Premium content and programming that keeps users engaged—and coming back. Yahoo! content stands alone, from market-leading news and breaking sports stories to having 21 of the top 25 original programs online and more than 40 original video programs and partnerships with the world's best storytellers, such as Tom Hanks. Yahoo! knows what the audience wants by having an industry-leading approach to combining editorial curation with science and technology.
  • Premium audiences in both size and quality. Yahoo! has more than 700 million users worldwide and drives audiences to content that resonates.
  • Premium context by programming across the network and providing comprehensive experiences. It's not just a video show on a page or a rerun of last night's TV programming—it's content in context.
  • Premium experiences for audiences to engage in—via a fantasy sports companion, an interactive game and other experiences across the Yahoo! network.