Advertising Age's 2014 Small Agency Guide

In today's market, smaller can often be better. In fact, a small, independent agency can benefit its clients in a number of ways because of its size. More and more marketers recognize small agencies are not only nimble but often highly creative and innovative. And a recent Ad Age Perception Study found that 47% of marketers prefer to work with independent agencies.

But with so many small agencies out there, where does a marketer start? In this Small Agency Guide, Ad Age is showcasing independent agencies with no more than 150 employees. Each agency is presenting a look at who it is and what it offers potential clients that are looking to work with smaller shops. To assist you further, profiles include an array of information, including descriptions of each agency, its capabilities, its work and how it can work with clients to reach their target audiences. LookBook profiles are available online to help marketers discover new solutions.

Small Agency Award Winners