Syncapse is the world's leading social media management partner for large enterprises.


Syncapse is a market leader in enterprise social media management with a comprehensive technology platform and strategic services that enable marketers to activate, manage and measure their brands' consumer engagement and performance across social media channels.


Founded: November 2007
Founder: Michael Scissons, founder and CEO
Locations: Toronto, New York, London, San Francisco, Portland, Ore.
Size: 175 employees


  • Fortune 500 companies and brands that are ready to optimize their global social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MovableType and WordPress
  • Syncapse partners with agency stakeholders to solve complex global challenges for clients.
  • Large organizations subject to strict industry compliance regulations (financial services, insurance, beverage alcohol, pharmaceuticals)


The Syncapse Platform is comprehensive, Web-based software through which brands can create their social media presence, manage the communication and measure the engagement and performance across multiple markets, stakeholders and channels:

  • Maintain a consistent brand message globally with local flexibility
  • Work with one central dashboard with customized work flow and approvals according to individual company standards
  • Achieve efficiency in social media communications with the ability to schedule content across time zones, languages, regions and brands
  • Measure and analyze marketing performance in real time based on benchmarks that make sense
  • Understand performance and reapply success across brands, regions and social media channels.


Sarah Long,VP-marketing

Michael Brito, senior VP-social business planning at Edelman Digital and author of 'Smart Business, Social Business,' talks with Syncapse founder and CEO Michael Scissons.

Bringing clarity to chaos

Michael Brito: What's your advice for companies seeking the right platform to manage social media?
Michael Scissons:
First things first: There is a huge divide between the needs of small and large companies when it comes to managing social media. For small companies, the choice is easy. There is a great variety of tactical tools that are on the market. Large enterprises that manage an average of 178 corporate-owned social media accounts1 are looking to make a significant investment in a social media management platform. A large global enterprise with numerous stakeholders needs a partner that is aligned to a strategic vision from both a technology and services perspective. Cohesion among the entire marketing team worldwide is critical. Global marketers must consider their team members in São Paulo or Munich, and who is going to be on the ground to support them in making social media successful in their markets.

Social media is like the wild west

Mr. Brito: What are some methods that organizations can adopt that will allow them to collaborate more effectively?
Mr. Scissons:
Alignment starts to happen when companies wean their marketing teams off using several-point solutions and consolidate their social marketing efforts onto a central technology platform. This leads to a scenario where regional marketers have an outlet to exchange ideas and compare what content is working and what isn't across their global and local social networking sites.

Empower local marketers

Mr. Brito: What makes fans want to stay connected with a brand?
Mr. Scissons:
Syncapse's research shows that the more power given to local marketers, the better the results for the brand. In a recent study, local pages received 36 percent higher engagement than a single, global page.2 An empowered and efficient marketing organization can produce content and offers that are relevant to fans and followers. This is what we call the "blue sky" scenario for global social media management, and it leads to a happy and engaged fan base that is ultimately spending more on your products and services.

The value of an audience is more important than its size

Mr. Brito: If you had to choose one, what would be the most important metric when measuring social media?
Mr. Scissons:
The most important thing marketers should ask themselves is what is the value of my brand's social media audience? Communicating the value of social media is always a tough thing to do for marketers. When it can be proven that investment in social media marketing leads to increased brand loyalty, referrals and product spending, an organization's investment in social media marketing tends to increase drastically.

Michael Scissons is the founder and CEO of Syncapse. He is a contributor to the Ad Age Digital/Next blog and can be found via Twitter at @scissons, and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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