Bazaarvoice helps businesses deepen consumer engagement with authentic conversations, amplify communications through every shopper channel and uncover key insights to unlock growth.


As consumer trust of marketing messages deteriorates, trust in word of mouth content is growing rapidly. Founded in 2005, Bazaarvoice delivers key product and brand insights by bringing the voice of the customer to the heart of more than 1,800 clients.


  • 600-plus employees worldwide
  • Nine international offices
  • Supporting 27 languages


  • 1,800 clients, including Best Buy, Costco, Dell, Macy's, P&G, Panasonic, QVC and USAA
  • Seven of the 10 most valuable U.S. retail brands, according to Interbrand's "2012 Best Retail Brands" study (published in February 2012)
  • 248 of the 2012 Internet Retailer 500
  • 108 of the 2012 Fortune 500, including 32 of the Fortune 100



Bazaarvoice brings the voice of the consumer to the center of business strategy for almost 1,800 clients globally.

By turning social data into concrete, actionable insights, Bazaarvoice helps businesses engage consumers in authentic conversations about products, campaigns and brands.

When this trusted word of mouth content is amplified across an unmatched network of brand and retail websites and mobile applications, consumers become customers and social data becomes a force for customer-centric growth across the entire enterprise.


Bazaarvoice creates intuitive tools to detect, capture, analyze and share consumer conversations. The net effect: growth in acquisition, sales, customer loyalty and meaningful new insights to catalyze improvements organizationwide.

  • Bazaarvoice Conversations creates a vibrant social community on your sites and Facebook pages, syndicating content across channels while driving insights and ROI for increased acquisition, conversion and average order value throughout your business.
  • Bazaarvoice Connections lets suppliers connect with end consumers by answering questions on retail sites, which increases conversion and reduces product return rates.
  • Bazaarvoice Intelligence uncovers detailed product and consumer insights that pinpoint opportunities for promotion, innovation and improvement for more profitable assortment plans, more revenue on product launches and better returns on marketing spending.

Turn Data Into Doing

Social data: Window into consumers

Using social data means marketers can stop guessing and start delivering exactly what consumers demand: data into doing.

Know what's most important to the people behind the data, how to earn their loyalty, their advocacy—and their dollars.

Bazaarvoice helps the world's best brands capture, analyze and—most important—act on social data: better marketing, better products, smarter decisions, less guessing, more knowing.

Learn how the world's leading businesses—including Chico's, Samsung, Dell, LG, Urban Outfitters, Cabela's, Open Table, Rubbermaid and Office Depot—are uncovering key insights from social data to drive business change at

How will you turn data into doing?