CLIQ is a powerful social advertising platform that takes the guesswork out of social and replaces it with sophisticated campaign management tools, analytics and insights.


We are a self-service or fully managed social ad management and intelligence platform that enables marketers to precisely target audiences, optimize ad performance and maximize ROI while gaining deep insights into fans, followers and prospective customers.


CLIQ targets based on users' social actions and behaviors, going beyond standard keyword targeting. Examples include:

  • Actions (Facebook apps, objects)
  • Conversions, check-ins
  • Sports, teams
  • Entertainment preferences
  • Politics, causes
  • Travel interests


CLIQ enables deep reporting and analytics on a campaign's performance and social audience, providing benchmarks against a brand's competitive set, including:

  • Audience profile
  • Engagement
  • Brand affinity
  • Media preferences
  • Activities, interests


Self-serve: License the CLIQ platform and get access to all its powerful tools.

Fully managed: Get the benefits of CLIQ but have Compass Labs manage your social ad campaign.


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Compass Labs applies pure science to social media marketing with a social data-powered ad technology platform called CLIQ (Compass Labs IQ) that takes the guesswork and complexity out of advertising on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and replaces it with sophisticated ad campaign management tools, analytics and insights. CLIQ comes in two flavors, fully managed or self-serve, to best suit an advertiser's work flow and needs.


CLIQ goes beyond other social media advertising solutions by enabling marketers to more precisely target their audiences and execute campaigns more intelligently and efficiently, all while gaining deep insights into their fans, followers and prospective customers. With a simple yet sophisticated dashboard for campaign creation, deployment and management, CLIQ provides advertisers with the following benefits:

Precision targeting: Built to leverage the continual flow of expression and interaction across social networks, CLIQ uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies to parse the flood of public chatter, graphs, check-ins and other forms of content to let you target only the audience you want. Whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or another social network or application, CLIQ delivers the right audience.

Campaign execution and optimization: Compass Labs takes the complexity out of social media advertising and replaces it with tools that provide both peace of mind and efficiencies that benefit your bottom line, including:

  • Real-time bidding and optimization so you pay what's necessary and nothing more.
  • Advanced targeting based on audience behaviors, interests and actions.
  • A rule generator so you can pre-set campaign rules and receive email alerts when performance changes or milestones are reached.
  • Multivariate creative testing.

Post-campaign insights: CLIQ turns your social media ads into insight-gathering weapons, going beyond the
click and providing deep analytics and insights into trends affecting your business and your ad performance, allowing you to:

  • Identify your best customers.
  • Measure brand affinity.
  • Learn what's top-of-mind with customers.
  • Pinpoint audience segments ripe for engagement or conversion.
  • Determine off-social media habits—favorite websites, TV shows, etc.

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer: Compass Labs gives our customers access to the latest Facebook marketing solutions—mobile targeting, premium ads, conversion tracking, action-based targeting—ensuring that all Facebook's capabilities are leveraged.

How It Works

When you picture a room full of scientists, your first thought may not be that they are penetrating the world of social media.

But Compass Labs' underpinnings are solid science—natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics—science that enables a totally new level of insight into what social media users are actually talking about as they click on ads. It all happens almost instantly and brings advertisers powerful, actionable information about the people they are interested in reaching. It's like X-ray glasses for your ad campaign.