WILDFIRE, a division of Google



Wildfire, a division of Google, provides software and services that enable brands to manage and measure their social media presence across leading social networks.


Wildfire, a division of Google, is a leading provider of social media marketing software and has served more than 21,000 paying customers, including 30 of the world's 50 top brands as ranked by Interbrand. Wildfire's Social Marketing Suite enables brands and agencies of all sizes to create, manage and measure their social media presence across leading social networks, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


  • Messages: Create, schedule, publish and manage messages across multiple social networks from a single unified application. View incoming and published messages in one place.
  • Pages: Design, publish and manage social media content across multiple social networks. Create content once and publish to any device—desktop, tablet or smartphone—with great results.
  • Promotions: Create, run and manage high-impact social promotions that drive business results. Build and launch a promotion in a matter of minutes without specialized technical skills. Choose from a selection of formats, including sweepstakes, coupons and giveaways.
  • Ads: Plan, purchase, manage and optimize social ads across multiple networks. Use ads to drive traffic to pages and promotions while reducing advertising costs and increasing click-through and engagement.
  • Analytics: Track, measure and report social media metrics. View detailed metrics for all social properties. Analyze trends over time and compare performance against industry benchmarks.



As a marketer, chances are you're using Google ad solutions to help drive paid digital media strategy across search, display, mobile and video channels. But you've been managing your social marketing and earned media through a separate solution. As a result, you're probably finding it difficult to coordinate and optimize your digital marketing efforts and spending, particularly as social media becomes an increasingly important part of your marketing mix. With Wildfire now a part of Google, it is positioned to help marketers take a more holistic approach to managing paid, owned and earned media across all digital channels.


Wildfire enables marketers to maximize their brands' reach across multiple social networks, including Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Google helps brands drive business results through paid media. The combination of Wildfire and Google can help brands optimize all their digital marketing efforts and spending on paid, owned and earned media through a single unified platform.


To date, Wildfire has helped more than 21,000 paying customers in over 130 countries with their social media marketing efforts, including 30 of the world's 50 top brands as ranked by Interbrand. Industry-leading marketers and agencies such as Virgin, Amazon, Unilever and Ogilvy & Mather—as well as thousands of small and midsize businesses—use the Wildfire platform to engage with audiences on major social networks. As a part of Google, Wildfire can help bridge the gap for companies and agencies looking to integrate their marketing on social networks with Webwide campaigns powered by Double-Click and other Google ad solutions.


Whether you're looking to build brand awareness, generate word of mouth, capture leads, amplify marketing reach or drive sales through social channels, Wildfire can help. Wildfire offers a robust suite of social marketing software and expert services to guide you every step of the way to social marketing success. Its proven methodology—along with powerful, easy-to-use software—provides a complete solution to engage, grow and monetize a social audience.

Visit www.wildfireapp.com to view a demo of Wildfire's Social Marketing Suite in action.

Helping Brands Go Bigger, Faster with Social

Harnessing the full value of social media requires a robust platform that lets brands create, manage and optimize their social media presence.

Wildfire software and services help brands go bigger, faster with social in five key ways:

1. Build brand awareness and generate word of mouth with unprecedented speed and impact by tapping into the viral potential of social channels.

2. Capture leads and data by interacting with customers through fun, informative and compelling content.

3. Engage consumers in an ongoing dialogue by plugging into social media as an always-on communication channel.

4. Amplify marketing reach and impact by using social media to turbocharge brand marketing across all channels, including print, broadcast, digital and in-store.

5. Drive sales in both online and offline channels using social media promotions. Common tactics include the use of coupons, discounts and other special offers to drive sales through online and offline channels.

Wildfire has helped make the social Web work for thousands of brands globally. If you are looking to capture the power of social media to move your brand forward, see the Wildfire demo at www.wildfireapp.com.